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A whole new experience, finally our own STUFF!: Gidimo

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Ofcourse I was over Joyed when I heard Nigeria finally has its own social Media site! gidimo. I imidiately logged on and downloaded it.

The app is quite simple and as I registerd I noticed it dosnt have any unecessary extra features like other Apps.

What are its benefits?

A lot. It consists of [4] features..

The gidiSMS: do you text serially? Like me,this is it! You can text anyone in Nigeria for N1.95 [or N8.95 to international numbers].

Then gidiChat: chat with anyone on gidimo for FREE! It’s unlimited and awesome. With out of the blue smileys you’d love like, smileys for GBAGAUN, LWKMD, U DEY CRASE?, DANCING AZONTO, HBD and WELLDONE! I mean, you can finally get to show the Nigerian in you while you chat,You know you’l love to see what this smileys look like.

Next is gidiLife: This one keeps you posted with the news headlines, live scores of your favourite sports, cinema & flight schedules, exchange rates and Voting.

Then, finally! is gidiBrains: I love this one, I’v personally favourited it. Here you can practice for all sorts of exams or better still excersise at the Brain Gym and learn More. Their data is updated on a regular…

This is great shey? Well find out by downloading your copy here at, it dosnt have any limitations. The list goes on, Available on the BB App World, and the Google Play Store

Oh! I forgot, to invite people to the chat also is absolutely FREE! So don’t be scared of your credit when you need to invite people.

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  • daltena
    May 23, 2013

    I jst downloaded mine,nd its indeed proudly naija…big UPS

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