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Regular simple LOVE STORIES

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It starts out like this:

You meet someone, and immediately there’s something between the two of you, some chemistry, some spark, and the magic happens. You’re convinced you’ll be with this person for the rest of your lives. You are sure the feeling is mutual.

Then one day, something happens. Maybe you both realize you want different things out of life.

You separate.

And it’s not long before you realize there’s a hole in your life. A large gaping hole that nothing seems to fill.

Oh you try filling it up with other things.

Like this.

Or this:

Or this:

Or this.

Or this.

You even make new friends

But nothing seems to fit that hole quite like the first true special someone.

It happens to the best of us.

And what is absolutely clear When you’re the sort of person, who has relied on Momentum and great Motivation towards what you do, you’re on shaky ground if you lose that momentum, or if your catch phrases aren’t as catchy anymore.

“Truth be told, there are no secrets these days. If you want something to be personal keep it to yourself.”

Want to share deep dark secrets with a friend? You are your own friend!

Feel like taking someone out and spoiling them silly? Call me up!


Yours Truly,


Article Thoroughly edited!

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