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Blackberry needs to Die…

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Blackberry should just give up already I mean, we’ve had the Q10 and the z10 all within little space and now a Q5 is here.

I’ve heard the BB10 is almost as functional as the iOS except for the apps..

Well, if you don’t want a full touch screen blackberry then you should think of the Q5 but if you have an option of getting the Z10 please do, its the best Blackberry 10 device.

The Blackberry Q5 looks like them old Samsung phones I mean that Samsung galaxy duos pro with keypads, samsung phones with their plasticky cheap feeling. But well the materials cost a lot so that explains why they are so expensive…

Newaiz, the Q5 is has the curve like kind of keypads by this I mean very noisy keypads more space between the screen and the keypads which I think is a good thing. Right? Comes in four differnt colours(black, pink, white and red) and am sure as usual the white ones will be more expensive.

Oh, and for those that like to have spare batteries so they never have their phones dead sorry but you can’t take out the battery of the Q5 and the battery life is practically the same like the other regular blackberry batteries.

Its the same screen size with the Q10, its 2GB Ram which is replaceable with an SD memory card…..

Well, am tired of writting here so errrm…that’s basically a bit about the new blackberry Q5 supposed to cost 63- 65k.

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