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Child Marriage.

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I just think of the senate and Senator Ahmed Yerima as desperate hungry Pervs right now!. I am disgusted and appalled by the new constitutional amendments and how it affects the girl child. If passed into law, It will basically make it legal for any sick bastard to have carnal knowledge of a girl child under the pretext of marriage. The senators have voted for the amendment. They plan to pass it into law. I am outraged. I am livid. Not my child. Not my sister. Not my niece. Not the daughter of that poor relative of mine in anywhere in the north. Let these senators allow their 13yr olds marry to prove they believe its right. They are rich and powerful, their child isn’t in immediate risk. What of the millions of girl children? Isn’t there something that can be done than stand and watch as our rights & the rights of an already vunerable Nigerian girl child get trampled upon. The senate need to be Stopped from passing this bill. Senator Ahmed Yerima wasn’t even allowed to marry his underage bride in Egypt but because we are lawless and useless, he flew in the child and married her here in Abuja. Back then, he broke the law but he is a big time ex gov senator so he wasn’t charged to court. With this new move, as a 60 year old, he can have a harem of 12yr olds and no one can legally take action on him. Not on our watch.

WHAT IS THE NIGERIAN IDEOLOGY???——Ask an American what it means to be American you will hear words like: freedom,liberty,equality, manifest destiny,justice,patriotism, individualism and God…If you ask Western Europeans you will probably get the same words,maybe minus God but much the same…Ask Chinese and you will hear stuffs about their communal ideology, honour,humility and other stuff…Ask Japanese and you will hear honouur, Shintoism,bravery,perseverance and other stuffs that are unique to their national ideology,identity,history and philosophy…Asks nigerians or nigerian leaders and you will be shocked at the shallowness and confusion in their responses!!!… Apart from a weak tactics reference to culture-which they hate to follow and their religion-which they hate to embrace,there is nothing there in form of a coherent wide ideological and philosophical belief…Nigerians are passionate about tribal and sub-group identity in Nigeria because in the absence of a coherent binding national ideology,that is the thing they can truly identify with…They easily instill it to their kids,even the ones born outside the shores of the mother land…I don’t know what it means to be a nigerian,a people cannot build a nation on shallow ideas and borrowed sound bites…In conclusion,WHAT IS THE NIGERIAN IDEOLOGY???…I want to know!!!…I want to teach my kids!!!…[…I wrote this because how can you have development when there is no unity and sound ideological values???…However,an average nigerian is an ethnic chauvinist and a sad religious gullible bigot,the ethnic bashing that goes on social networks is a minuscule of what transpires in the real world…]

Personally no one can try this Child marriage thing with me, you will just die. I will poison you! You will die… Selfish old Pervs.


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