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The Little one (still on the matter, #ChildNotBride)

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Please fill free to ask me any questions after reading this, and I hope you not only enjoy it but make some sense out of it aswell:)

Little one, little one.. Where’s your husband?
She stared.
Little one, little one, where’s your husband?
She stared.
Little one, little one, what have you done with your husband?
She stared, and replied…”He’s under the sheets.” Pointing to the body, covered partially by a white sheet. Arm, and legs sticking out… With a thin trace. of blood trailing from his side. Next to him, a crucifix, the other side up.
Little one, little one, you are bold. Tell me, what did it feel like?
She stared… Piercing gaze.
Little one, come now, don’t be frightened of me.
She stared and said, “I’m not.”
Then why don’t you speak?
She looks away, towards her (supposed) husband, looked back, paused for eternity and said, “am i dead too?”
[Startled] Dear little one, you aren’t. Why ask? Such a bold child.
She stared, as expected.
Come now little one, speak freely. Think of me as a friend, a new friend of yours if you will.  
She stared, mouth opened, about to speak, but she reconsidered…
Hmm, Little one, do i frighten you? Truthfully?
She spoke, with shocking confidence, “how is it that i see you and yet, I’m not dead?  
Pause… Long pause… Awkward pause… Uncomfortable now.
Tell me, little one, what’s your name?
“Shalewa”, she said.
Shalewa? That’s a peculiar name, from your mother?
She nodded.
Well, that’s irrelevant, to me that is.
She stared.
Little one, tell me this, why place a Knife in your husbands mouth after? And the crucifix? 
She answered, “it’s irrelevant”
I see! 
A pause…
Tell me, Shalewa, what comes after…all this, you are alone now. A little one, In a big world with no one to turn to, or cling to when your eyes are full! Alone, you are, little girl, tell me, how does that feel, how do you feel? I’m going to feed of this, this your lonely state, little girl, it will sustain me!
“I’m not alone.” She countered. 
Ohhhh? Really now? How did you deduce this?
“I have you! I can see you, others can’t! If I can see you, I can’t fear you, if I can see you, and exist, then, it means one thing and one thing alone, to me; I-AM-NOT-ALONE!” Said she.
Little one, little one, I believe this will be the beginning of a long, long friendship. How much can you last?
She stared and answered, “…as long as you’ll have me”
Shake of the head…
You are a bold one! One more thing little Shalewa, tell me this, do you fear death?  
She nodded.
Rightly so little one, rightly so. Well then, I must be off, business is booming these days you know. And with that my back was turned to her, and she did the same… As I got to the door post, I called back saying, “we will see each other soon enough!” 
No reply
Soon, I muttered.
She made her way to her (supposed)husbands side, with a knife in her hand all along, blood stained, her black night wear, stained, slightly with spray of blood. She knelt by her (supposed)husbands side, pulled the sheet down slightly, revealing her husbands wretched Old face, almost as if he were one of her fore Fathers. With a cute smile, in acknowledgement, she stood up…looked lazily over her shoulder and said, “you haven’t gone yet?”
It seems, I’m not allowed to, little girl. 
“I know.” She replied.
Little one, little one, tell me, what have you done?
She turned around and looked at me, she was a different person now,  different from the little girl i was with a moment ago. 
She stared and said, “it’s not so much of what I’ve done sir, it’s more of what you will do.” Ending this statement with a face so innocent, it could melt a heart made steel!
You really are something little girl! Seems to me I made the right decision. Come now child, take my hand…

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