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It had been a long time since I was with HIM and would have just been just the
place and time to unleash the sinful images distance had put in my head

I had always been totally into him although not enough to “give myself to him” which I think is the reason for his so much respect and obsession for me

I often wondered what enticed me more, the physical appearance; His everly inviting pink lips which curve at the right places? Or was it the fact that he was able to keep control of himself and not devour me? Or that i was staring up sin in my mind with my very wild imaginations and loving every bit of it?

I overcame every form of sin, even though. Almost falling but still being strong.

This of course doesn’t mean the flesh has withdrawn from trying, its a story of “Still the flesh hungers” . . .

but the spirit stays strong . . .”

Fighting struggling and refusing, rejecting

Every push

The question is, what is the sin

The thought or the actual act?

My heart is not at peace

my flesh is not satisfied

I feel guilt

But what will my story be,
What will my case be?
What is my problem? I do not know.
What is its solution? Surely, I cannot know.

But this is what i know for sure(no doubts). Increase love for Christ is always the start for every solution and with continuity is always the end.

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