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• Relationship is sensitive.

Right from creation relationship was made by God.(Eve made for Adam) no man was created to be alone.

• God hates loneliness.

• God created man to relate. “No man is an island”.

When you try to be alone, you seem abnormal to the public or people assume you are disturbed. And often a times when you search well, this “loner” has his/her own person(s) that he loves to talk to. .    

     From the creation story God made man and saw that “it is not good for man to be alone.” (Gen. 2:18) then he made a companion for him. On the other hand some people attach this verse to marriage alone but it should not be so. The same bible says, “let us not give up meeting together but all the more encourage each other with words of hope till the day Christ comes” (Hebrews 10:25)

• Sense of purpose ; ask yourself “of what use” that relationship is.(Phil. 4:8)
• Positive inequality; are you getting more than you receive? Or are you receiving more than you get? Weigh it and make the necessary changes.
• Finally, consider 1Corinth. 13 and let it be your master relationship guide.

What should be clear to every believer is, the fact that you call on the name of God and depend on him solely does not automatically make you prone to temptation. But to succumb to it is where the crime lies. Natural feelings towards the opposite sex will come for they are natural feelings (Jude 1:10), you owe it yourself to guard your mind and channel it towards the right directions.
   Everyone has natural hormones running, you only chose to apply hormonal control. It has been scientifically proved that “whatever total energy in a body at a time is the total energy available to carry out everything an individual has to do” reading this ordinarily might not make any sense but breaking it down to the simplest form i’ll say; young people are known for energy, so dividing your attention to several things reduces that total energy you have that you could have put into carrying out one or 2 particular tasks perfectly. Therefore, you become a “jack of all trades and master of none” why do you find out that a person who seemed so bright and intelligent at some point suddenly starts to perform poorly? This is because his thoughts have become diverse so as much as he tries, he cannot assimilate as much as he used to because those other things are consuming his energy.

  Testosterone; Produced in males to promote sex urge. It grows more aggressive and critical as a person grows older.
Estrogen; opposite of TESTOSTERONE. (ie. Present in female)
  To tame yourself and these urges, take a deliberate action to attend to the tiniest tingle or sensation you feel towards someone. Don’t push it aside, don’t try to ignore it otherwise it’ll grow the more. Share it with someone you trust for counseling (dont go to your peers they might just drag you into what you’re trying to avoid).
• Relate with the opposite sex from a safe distance. Make a deliberate gap. You might think it’s only ok for you to be close friends, but your Testosterone and Estrogen don’t understand that language i.e They will react and get attracted to such persons that way from hanging hands around each other to hugs, from hugs you want to rest your head, you want a peck and it graduates. You feel upset when that person is with someone else, you are moody when you haven’t heard from that person.

• Closeness ignites a fire. It wakes your Testosterone and Estrogen. Take charge.

Dear READER(s) i’m great full for taking your time out to read, it means a lot. Feel free to ask any questions or make any comments. Your opinions are welcome.

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