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Your own strength, your own schedule requires your own pattern.

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Hi readers! This is long over due. This website has been domant! Several times I thought of shutting it down because well I just got lazy and tbh. Most times I forgot I had a page to feed But special thanks to the few people that once in a while asked “what’s up with your blog?” and those(Tayo) that also constantly pressure me to write something, thanks to you all. I think I’m back!
So this month’s devotional for me has been inspiring and quiet interesting and that’s what I’ve decided to feed us on this week. But before I go on, sincere apologies if anyone looked forward to my posts but I disappointed If you’d have me back I promise not to disappoint.
So choosing a pattern according to your strengths and schedules. Often times as human beings we try endlessly to do certain things the way we see other people that we think have got it all together because we assume it is the appropriate one. Doing this however along the line we get discouraged when we are not able to meet up with these people’s patterns. We forget that these patterns we are trying to emulate do not necessarily match up with our personality which can be the major reasons why we are not able to meet up. Have I lost you somewhere? Let’s come back home. Take for example little David in the bible when he offered to take out Goliat the Philistine giant, at this point the king Saul doubted him but          after David convinced him he thought that surely he needed to dress him up with all his heavy armour and swords but David knew his ability, he knew his God and he knew that the battle was not his but of God and he said he could not use it because he was not used to it but instead he selected 5 stones along with his sling and off he went!
    Now alot of us would agree with me that even if like David we were not comfortable in the armour costume, because it’s what we’ve seen other people fight in we’d rather go in that than stick to our 5 stones and sling which we are very confident in. So when we choose to pattern our lives according to other peoples patterns we make ourselves uncomfortable, we are most times unprepared and we are not able to stand strong against challenges when the time comes because we have worn heavy war instruments that are weighing us down.
    What this writter tries to pass across to us as believers is that we can learn from those ahead of us but most times it is safe to find our own pattern of communication with God. We can damage our spiritual lives when we try to meet God like other people do and not in the way we know best to. We’d hear people say “I’ve tried to live my life based on such and such person  (we’d usually hear names of remarkable christians which they know about) but it doesn’t seem to work for me. I feel so guilty because I cannot rise to that level of praying.” So I think we’ve all heard “be yourself in everything you do”?  So also in your prayer life DO NOT BE SOMEONE ELSE. It is RISKY. Nobody can pray your prayers better than you, you know yourself, your temperaments and most important you understand the relationship you have built with your God.

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