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God wants to give you.

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I’ve tried my very best to make up for the long break and these topics are making my job quiet easy cause it’s a quiet interesting read so thank you readers for having me back! Gracias.

    We remember yesterday we read that how we feel about God influences our communication with him. So let me remind us again that God doesn’t love you because of the level of your prayer life or anything else but God loves you because he is love. Are there some problems you have sometimes that you think are too little to bother God with? You think he’s too busy handling bigger problems? How do you see God???? He’s never too busy(he is all sufficient), your problem is never too big nor small(he is all powerful), you are
never bothering him. Luke 11. God delights in giving, he delights in answering when we ask. Remember in the bible where it says “which of you fathers, will your son ask for fish and you give him a stone?” exactly! None right? Because as a parent, as long as you can afford the best for your child you will give it to them even to your own discomfort. Are you wondering, how do I know this and I am not a parent? I have parents, I see their struggle, I see the sacrifices they make so yes I can speak on this.
Remember therefore to pray to God to open your eyes to see just how awesome and generous a God he is!

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