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Abraham’s Logic

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In the previous post where we learnt to be at ease when we talk to God, I however forgot to mention that we need to guard against becoming too familiar, not forgetting that we are the creations and he our creator and also of the universe. Do not also forget he is our father and friend.
     We took an example of Moses’s conversation with God yesterday, today we’d look at Abraham’s with reference to Genesis 18:16-33. We see how persistent Abraham is with God but notice that he also did this with great respect no doubt. He also spoke to him like a person would to a friend, his choice of words were very basic, regular and friendly so to say. It is evident in this conversation that the relationship between this 2 people was close. There was no tension between them, he was not uptight while speaking and he definitely was not cliché.
     Lets be more practical, think about it. If one of your friends come to you and speaks to you with words that you might need a second thought or even a look at a dictionary before you understood won’t you wonder and will you enjoy that conversation?? Of course not. So also with God be yourself,  be as natural as can be, be genuine. Use ordinary terms understandable by anyone.

REMEMBER; to maintain a balance between God as your heavenly father and creator and God as your friend.

Ref: Everyday with Jesus 11 September  2015

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