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Easy conversation with God.

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In the previous readings we’ve looked at the reasons why our prayer lives tend to fail and we’ve summed up that trying to imitate others instead of finding out what method works best for us could be one, while another could be our misconception of God i.e not understanding that God has a large heart and that heart infact longs for us. That being said, we want to now know WHAT IS PRAYER?
        In sunday school I was taught the simplest defination of prayer which has sunk to a part of my brain that can never be scrapped out. That definition is “prayer is talking to God and God talking to me” in other words, prayer is communication with God and English scholars would agree that communication in its correct sense involves decoding and encoding. I.e speaking and listening. In prayer, we speak to God, he listens and in turn he speaks back to us and he expects us to listen as he listened to us. We should mark our progress in prayer by our eagerness to hear God speak rather than our ability to speak to him because he is the ultimate and hearing what he has to say is the most important because he goes ahead of us and takes care of things when we listen to him like he did with David and Jeremiah; see 2 Samuel 5;18-25 and Jeremiah 1:4-14 respectively. God spoke to moses in Exodus 33, In this conversation we see that God spoke to moses ‘as a man does to his friend’ a perfect example of prayer as a conversation between God and man.
     We should know that it is important to pour our hearts out and express ourselves when talking to God as we do with our friends. We need to express ourselves in the same kind of language. You do not need to be artificial to speak to God you definitely do not need to come up as “holier than thou” to get him to listen, he loves it when you flow naturally, when you say the words as they come with respect for him of course. Let them flow without any alterations.
REMEMBER; Be at ease when you go before God.

Ref: Everyday with Jesus; September 10 2015.

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