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Whether you like it or not.

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When I picked out that title, the Trybesmen hit played in my head “whether you like am whether you no like am the thing be say you go still dey shake body.” If you remember it please sing it to yourself you know it was a jam. So back to the matter.

Whether you like it or not, you are selfish because you are a human being. In the tiniest ways, every human being is selfish. If you don’t agree, let’s battle out in the comment box I promise to make it worth your while.

Why do I think humans are selfish? I’ve had first hand experience. People do unpleasant things knowing fully well its not convenient for their neighbor but they are fine with it so why care about the neighbors inconveniences right? See this might not always be unpurpose, they may not even be aware their activity is a source of inconvenience for their neighbors. See? Inbuilt selfishness. Even one of my history courses from school says “humans are driven by selfish interests” (realism).

Meanwhile on the other side of being aware. Most of us, if it’s not a person we’re in love with, not our family, friends, loved ones, we do not care about the other person’s convenience. But ideally, we know that we should. If you didn’t know, now you do.

I wrote this piece out of frustration. From a chain of the same occurrences so I’m not even sure that my examples make sense all I know is I’m trying to vent and it’s helping so I hope I don’t bore you in the process.

As a very light sleeper, it takes me an average of an hour to fall asleep after I close my eyes. And it takes the place to be almost quiet if not quiet before I fall asleep otherwise I’m just laying there eyes closed hating whomever or whatever is causing the noise. (I still blame my mum for this trait) I’ve had lousy set of people around me which has made sleeping almost impossible for me in that I look forward to the afternoons when everyone is out and about so that I can get my beauty sleep without disturbance(s). Note that most of the people around me recognize that I’m a light sleeper but do they care? As long as GIST DEY and they are enjoying it. Or better still there’s this movie and they choose to see it at night on speakers. (How people even see movies on their PCs with speakers and enjoy it I still need to learn) and even when you offer them earphones o, they’d insist on ruining you with their speakers. Talking about learning, anyone taking sleep classes please I’m interested.


To my fellow robots. Please speak up when necessary, sometimes you agree you need this sleep or whatever it may be you’re being deprived of and it’ll take little words to gain your convenience. However people can be stubborn and still continue, that shouldn’t be cause for conflict. Be the bigger person and keep enduring THERE’S LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL. And to the offenders who’d continue regardless of one’s appeal just know say everybody has his breaking day. The day will come when that person won’t be able to hold it in anymore because you’ve pushed them too hard and puffffffffff EXPLOSION.

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