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Fingers Crossed.

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Hi guys! Cheers to the weekend! I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about the weekend. My week has been a tough pill to swallow. I had so much to take care of, so much to do, had an abuse case to deal with…. List goes on. And I had to decide between staying at home to house wife or going to an event I’ve been looking forward to. As we speak, I’ve still not made that decision. Make Saturday reach first.
I’m working on a project and my supervisor is being overly familiar it’s annoying. God help me. I’ve been looking forward to working with the Culinary Academy in Lagos for so long and it never happened now that there’s an opening and I’ve been invited for an interview, I’m not available!(Satan be gone) It pains my heart and I’ve been racking my head as to what to do because even if by magic I make it in time for the interview tomorrow and I’m given the job, I’m not available till July to work cause school has me for the month of June! I have 3 tests to take next week and my weekend is packed this already means that my weekend is going to be even more draining than my week but good news? This means that I’m going to have new posts for you guys by the start of next week or at least in between cause man gas write tests first before blogging.
Bants aside…… I just really need you guys to keep your fingers crossed and pray with me aspa this Culinary interview, let God take charge and make a way!
Oh also to provide space in between all these hassles for me to be able to study for my tests.
And hey, you’ve been awesome for reading and sharing. Thanks! :*

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