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Lagos Foot Bridge Palava.

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This Lagos Foot Bridge thing is crazy. The business of the Ojota foot bridge is the real struggle. Like people could actually die from that struggle. Even the beggars that used to litter around have changed base cause the crowd is “bad market”. They’ll just push them off the bridge and kill them.

The stories you hear in the news and pictures you see no be film trick o! It’s some real life “stuvs“. I took these pictures myself.


Notice the tush lady there holding her nose? 

The sad part is the hawkers and hustle people that have to actually carry their heavy goods over this bridge in the midst of the traffic. As if the car traffic isn’t enough now we have human traffic? I saw this one guy carry his well barrow with his goods over his head gently following the slowly moving traffic and I could see his hands shaking and his struggle and the sweat and veins. It wasn’t a nice thing at all. (I tried to get a picture of that one but it was too tight)

Another fellow probably a mechanic was carrying a car part, maybe a bumper or something else. I managed to get a picture of that one.


What if that bumper fell??

If you ask me, I really think that the government should have made more bridges before actually blocking the road and imposing this thing on Lagosians because it isn’t fair. But then again as long as Ambode doesn’t get on that bridge, he won’t know what it’s like and we all know he won’t go on that bridge cause he has his convoy all day.

He has just opened another means for more casualties.

On a closing note, if you’re in Lagos and you go through this Ojota bridge every day, you’re the real MVP.

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