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6 year old boy suffering from Cancer.

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This morning while I was having breakfast I decided to read the news and you’d Imagine my reaction when the first thing that popped up was this picture of this child suffering from Cancer.


6 year old Isa

According to the story, Isa’s mother reached out to the Emir of Kano for help but was declined because of their state of origin (Kaduna state) saying that they were Kaduna state property and so they should see Malam El-Rufai.

As it stands, a children research hospital in Tennessee of the U.S has offered to treat young Isa for free (talk about being your brother’s keeper right?). However transportation is still a hindrance as they’d be needing 3 return tickets  (Isa, his mum and an accompanying doctor). So all they need right now is for Malam to make this happen.

As far as I’m concerned that Emir should be hung for declining them their request. I mean, how is it that a mother flew all the way to Kano with her son in such a condition and you could still look to them to utter the word “NO”? Sheer wickedness.

There’s a campaign going on now to share this posts about Isa till it gets to Malam but if you ask me, there’s only as far as all these campaigns go because in the end these leaders can hear and still decide to be deaf/blind to them. But we should still try yes? So please spread the word about Isa or atleast say a prayer for him so that God’s will be done.

More photos:

“In fact as we got there, flies were all over his face. It was a horrible sight.”


Isa’s mother waving flies off his face with her hijab (veil)


Isa and mother


Don’t forget share and pray!

Have a great week ahead. And happy father’s day to all the amazing father’s out there!

And oh, I didn’t get around reading “Lagoon” as supposed to my previous post but hopefully i’ll get to that when chance permits.

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  • Adriel
    July 6, 2016

    This is really terrible! God help him. Really wish I could be of help. To think a little child is going through this breaks my heart!

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