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The corruption we ignore in Nigeria.

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I stumbled upon this post titled “The average Nigerian is corrupt, Vrai(true) au Faux(false)” and I mentally replied Vrai Vrai Vrai, very Vrai then it reminded me about a part of the sermon on Sunday when the Reverend said “most of us here are not a part of the corruption in Nigeria but we’re suffering from its effects now” and I whispered to myself, actually most of us are a part of the corruption. (you don’t agree? I’ll tell you how soon) you know how they say don’t judge a person because they sin more differently than you? That’s the situation of this corruption thing. Exam mal practice? Corruption! Bribery for good grades? Corruption! Then someone not so qualified ends up being in a higher position than one who is and messes up the system because he/she doesn’t have what it takes. Giving a job to a person because he’s your brother instead of a candidate that is actually better qualified? Corruption! Or not even allowing that your brother or sister go through the proper job screening/interview before they begin work? double corruption! Driving without license? (unless it’s an emergency and very necessary) you know it’s against the law but you do it sake of say you fit bribe oga road safety if dem catch you! CORRUPTION! So you see, most of us in our own little ways are corrupt agree or not, we are corrupt!
So we’re judging the leaders differently because they swindle big moneys, they siphon funds meant for the betterment of our living conditions and then it affects us directly so therefore we crucify them immediately. Forgetting that maybe one way or another, one day or the other we have ourselves engaged in corruption. We don’t have to be politicians, presidents, ministers or high ranking people before our corruption is dangerous. But somehow every single act of corruption distorts the normality of occurrences.
It’s not easy, but we have to try because in the end, we’re still mere humans.
And NO I’m not rooting for the corrupt politicians and saying cut them some slack all I’m saying is let’s do our own parts as well so our crucifixion is justified!
On this note, permit me to say that an average Nigerian is CORRUPT!
Thanks for reading!

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