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Awesome Treasures Foundation. 

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I’ve been away for over a week, but now I’m back. In the midst of my “awayness” alot happened. I finally called off the beef with my mum,  feels good! (But that’s not the gist of the day) I was at the market and mehn! Things are expensive. this life is hard. Nigeria will kill you if you don’t stand strong. Like sometimes you don’t even know where to start your bargain from because the original price is ridiculous and because you’re very aware it’s condition that is making these sellers up their prices. What about super markets where you can’t price een? Person can’t be going to boutique everytime the way things are. 

Then it pains me to see some people just lavish and squander money when some people can’t even afford an average life. You don’t have to do a grand gesture of charity, you don’t have to give half what you have but in our own very little ways, I believe we can all show an act of kindness or charity if we decide to. You don’t know what way you might be touching such lives! 

I’ve been a member of an organization called the Awesome Treasures Foundation that holds this free summer school for kids every year amongst it’s other programs.(holds in August) I got a mail from them late last week reminding me of my dues then I realized that I actually only paid these dues for the first few months I was registered and I abandoned it later. But I’ve taken up a new challenge to go back to donating and this time be faithful with it. It’s nothing much but it goes a long way in the long run.

The foundation also reminded us of the need to:

  • Raise awareness of the foundation’s initiatives, 
  • Increasing our numbers and 
  • Supporting the foundation spiritually, morally and financially.

 “As members of ATF we realize the scale of the challenges facing us as kingdom builders but we choose to be part of the solution and not part of the problem and we refuse to join the crowd in complaining and saying “somebody should do something about” this or that problem in our society  – we have realized that somebody is us . Your generous donation is deployed towards our Skills Acquisition programs, Summer Camp, Awesome Princesses(teenage) leadership and Entrepreneurship programs, Summits and free Health Screening and Education “

This is me doing my own bit of raising awareness. We all need somebody to lean on.

Do you think it’s not necessary for you to be charitable? Remember no condition is permanent and tables can turn. It could be you! (Do unto others as you’d have others do to you)

Learn more about ATF from:

And follow it’s activities on:

Twitter: @awesometreasure

“(please find below the newsletter summarizing a few of our past activities and the proposed program for the year).”

Incase you need to get payment details or make any other enquiries:

Awesome Treasures Foundation
9a Tinubu Road, (Coker Road ext),
Ilupeju, Lagos.

+234 809 514 3574 |  +234 909 393 6556

God bless you as you invest in an Awesome Treasure!

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