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We all need people. 

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Why this title? Because I’ve realized that no matter how independent we may think we are, in the end we all need friends. One of my aunt’s (not technically but by Nigerian standard) used to always say to me that I don’t keep in touch with people in my life and it is not healthy. I agree with her because then how do you have a healthy relationship with these people if you’re not in touch? I have a bad habit of not keeping in touch. Like I can go a whole year without checking on anyone and this includes my family members. Not because I don’t care about them but simply because it just happens. I have no explanation  whatsoever for this.

    A few days ago I picked up my phone and decided to message everyone that had recently contacted me because I felt a void. I was suddenly needing someone to talk to people to communicate with but most importantly I just felt guilty that I apologize to these people every single time they contact me but I still never reach out to them. And after the whole conversation, it was surprising to realize that I actually missed them. (Not every single one though) 

One of the conversations I thought I should share cause wise words ensued thus; (see Images below)

At the end of this conversation, I realized that it’s not about the norms, it’s more than wanting someone to talk to or people to be around you to get a sense of belonging or even needing your phone contantly buzzing. It’s about knowing if it’s actually worth it having these people in your life. Some of them are more aches than happiness and so you’re better off without them. So keep in touch with people not because society demands you to but because it makes you happy. Because in the end, the world is driven my selfish interests. But then again loneliness can sometimes cause you to loose your sanity so thread carefully.

I hope someone found this helpful?

Thanks for reading.

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