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Revival: Day 2 (Ezekiel 22:30)

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This post is coming super late because the device which I upload lengthy posts from was weirdly misbehaving. That plus I wasn’t exactly sure what it was I wanted to give you guys about yesterday’s message but after today’s message, it became very clear the message to pass across. So to make up, i’m going to try to drop the messages for the 2 days almost simultaneously.

Last night was about answering “what was the cause of God’s search for a man?” i.e what happened to cause God to search for a man” and the answer was that the wall of Jerusalem collapsed. So with this answer we had to see:


or in other words, happening to be cautious of when building the wall. (Ezekiel 22)

  1. Idol worshipping
  2. adultery
  3. blood shed
  4. incest
  5. corruption etc.

Because righteousness and sin cannot cohabit, sin disqualified men from being capable of building the wall and standing in the gap.

The preacher further explained that sin is like cancer, it starts out small and if we ignore it or over look it. If we do not attack whatever sin we notice in ourselves immediately, it will eventually become a habit and spread like cancer or a wild fire and eat deep into us causing our sins to accumulate and make us unworthy to be chosen to stand in the gap. However if we deal with such sin and confess God makes us clean and fit again. For sin is in our nature.

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