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Revival: Day 3 (Ezekiel 22:30)

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According to the following verses: Ecclesiastics 7:20, Romans 3:10, Isiah 1:18, we are all born into sin and so it is a struggle to live without sinning and it proves almost impossible. But God knows it isn’t impossible to be without sin which is why he started the search for a righteous man to build up the wall and stand in the gap.

According to Genesis 1:1-3, the earth was originally filled with darkness and so God caused his light to shine over it by first declaring that there be light first even before any other thing. This declaration was waging war over darkness.

After the devil was cast down to earth, God created the sun, moon and stars to keep the light on earth and he rearranged the earth after the devil had scattered it when he was cast down hence the creation story in Genesis. After this he needed his creation to be taken care of and so he made man in his own image and likeness to safeguard the earth while he returned to his place in heaven. (Genesis 1:26)

Why didn’t God choose an angel? Because one of them, angel Lucifer had already betrayed him and so that disqualified the rest of them which is why he decided to make man in his image and likeness so that he can be capable of building the wall and standing in the gap. This means that right from the beginning, we were created to stand in the gap.


Our bodies are containers carrying God’s image and likeness.


God’s image is light and life and darkness cannot understand it (John 1:5)

God never meant for us to go about tirelessly preaching and struggling to bring people to Christ all he needed was for us to as much as be the light to our society through our actions and words of our mouths and moving around, the light in our lives should chase the darkness of the world.

WARNING!: When you see  a stranger, do not converse with them because Eve conversed with the serpent whom was a stranger which was what led to her fall in temptation and her falling out of the image and likeness of God.

After Adam ate the fruit, he hid and God asked Adam where are you? Did God not know where Adam was? Of course he did because he is the all knowing God. Instead what God was implying was “Adam where is that image and likeness I put in you? Have you sinned?” for the image and likeness of God was no longer there and Adam had indeed sinned. Just like sin disqualified the people from yesterday’s talk so also Adam was disqualified because of sin.

Whenever you sin, you loose the image of God in you. In Genesis 1 God made man in his Image and likeness, in Genesis 2 man sinned which made him loose that image and likeness and man was now in man’s own image(Adamic nature) and in Genesis chapter 3 man began to reproduce it’s own image which was sin and from then on sin came into the world and we are all reproduced in sin. Which was why David declared that he was born in sin and dwells among sinful people finally in Genesis 6 the world began to fall apart which made God regret making man and he thought to wipe the entire earth but he found Noah whom was qualified for God to use to save the world.

Noah called people for 120 years but no one came to salvation, he didn’t give up because the image and likeness of God in him sustained him. Sin however came back into the world in chapter 9 when Noah got drunk and slept naked. The cycle of sin continued and multiplied in Genesis chapter 11 with the tower of Babel and many other places where sin was found and the image and likeness of God disappeared because light and darkness can never cohabit.

In Numbers 12: 1 Moses was referenced to be the most humble. He was given a command by God but out of frustration, he allowed sin come in and he disobeyed God by striking the rock twice which angered God and he declared that Moses would see the land but will not enter it.

As long as you focus on the image and likeness of God, there will be no way for sin to enter. If Eve didn’t eat the fruit, if Noah didn’t get drunk, if Moses didn’t strike the rock twice, the image and likeness of God would have remained.

God looks for a man in his image and likeness not one in sin not one of Adamic nature.

On this note: I might not be posting anything about the last two days(tomorrow and Sunday) until Monday because I have a super busy weekend.

If you’ve read till this point, God bless you! And please come back.

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4 Responses
  • Sunday Dukuru Daniel
    August 8, 2016

    Good, nice job sister, keep it up any one that goes through this Will also be revived. May the almighty God the Creator of heaven and the earth continue Guard and Guide us all through this perilous times. Amen.

  • Inspire Me.754
    August 28, 2016

    This is a beautiful, encouraging, eye-opening write-up. God bless and inspire you deeply, dear. Please where is the remaining write-ups for the next and final day, I would love to read it. Thank you

    • kuyetasham
      August 28, 2016

      Thank you so much. God bless you too. Unfortunately I was in and out for the last 2 days so I don’t have anything on those days.

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