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Reasons why I LOVE blogging.

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It awakens my creativity

My blog gets me living every day keeping in mind that I have an obligation to update my blog, to put up something interesting to keep my readers reading and connected. And so with this thought(s) in mind, I’m constantly thinking and searching and coming up with answers and ideas for myself and my readers and it takes me a long way fueling my creative thinking.

Consistency. (because its the key to all things)
Because I’m steady trying to be consistent with blogging, it has also helped me in other spheres of my life in that I’m subconsciously trying to be consistent with everything I do and not procrastinating as much as I would ordinarily do.

Since I know I’m not one that would ordinarily put myself out there to socialize and all that business for whatever reason and this has its disadvantages and it can be unhealthy. So blogging is a challenge I’ve put myself up to. And it’s been a wonderful experience. I’m socializing more, I’m attending events, I’m talking more (even with new people) oh I almost forgot to mention it’s also helping me learn how to express myself better and tolerate people the most cause trust me when I say, I’ve gotten nasty comments on this platform, discouraging ones even which I’ve had to flag as “inappropriate” so that it isn’t published for the rest of the world to see. So if you’ve commented at whatever point and your comment doesn’t appear, you were definitely flagged.


It’s my biggest dream to be a bad ass writer some time in my life and this is my training ground. I get to analyze people’s views and responses and it helps me decide what sort of writing I should be doing, what kind of people should be my audience and whether or not I should be writing in the first place or leave the hustle for another life. I also get the encouragement I need from the very few supporting people which is really all I need to continue this journey because all your likes and comments(mostly outside the blog) is what has kept the blog up and running up until this point.
Special s/o to my supporters.

It keeps me busy
In my idle days when there’s nothing to do and no books to read, I blog and time passes by before I even know it.

Keeps me from keeping a diary
Writing my worries and experiences makes me feel a lot better so instead of owning a diary which I think might be very stressful considering that as old school as I am, if I was to own a diary it would be a hard copy not because I’m not aware of diary apps or mobile notepads that I can use but because I’m old school like that and computer and I aren’t cool like that.
There are several other reasons why I love blogging but these are top of the list!


Are you a fellow blogger, why do you love to blog? Or are you just a blog reader I’d love to hear why you love to read blogs. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease comment here and don’t forget to subscribe so we can network.
The weekend is here again, have a lit one.

Let’s connect!

2 Responses
  • thatniggalelouch
    July 30, 2016

    I have a blog but most times I just reblog. Reading blogs is fun and intuitive. You get the bloggers honest opinion on everyday events, life hacks and it allows you to connect with other blog readers who might share certain views on subjects. Keep up the good work

    • kuyetasham
      July 30, 2016

      Thank you Lelouch. And you should consider writing soon rather than just reblogging.

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