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Different folks, different strokes.

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​I know it’s different strokes for different folks, but I decided to put a twist to it for the sake of my post. Hi there! I hope you’ve had an awesome week so far?

I’ve had an awesome week. Literally AWESOME. I’ve spent my week at summer camp with the kids at Awesome Treasures Foundation which I talked about here and as much as it’s been a splendid experience and a great time, it has also been a sad week for me. 

Splendid because what awesome kids we have at camp. Bright kids. Intelligent kids. Active kids. 

Sad? Because these kids have not had quality education. A lot of these kids cannot read nor write and I think that’s rather pathetic. Because I don’t understand how it is that a child in primary 4, 5 or 6 cannot read let alone speak proper English. 

At camp we have several kinds of kids;

  1. There are those who can read and write but read without observing their punctuation marks which makes it difficult for them to understand what they have read.
  2. There are alot who lack confidence  (I agree that even as adults some of us still have this issue) but let’s try to erase it from the next generation. 
  3. Disturbed  children. Some of these kids live in disturbing environments filled with violence, arrogance and constant bitterness and so it has become a part of them. This sort of child comes out constantly angry and snaps at the slightest of things.
  4. Some have been shut out at home or harrased and so they’ve grown timid and unable to speak up for themselves even when they are in uncomfortable situations.
  5. We also have children who are full of negativity because they have been told by someone or some people that they can never do good for themselves and so they live their lives keeping that at the back of their minds and afraid to try out things or discover themselves.

There’s more to the kinds of children we have at the camp and i’ll tell us more as it goes on but before that, what’s my point?

Please don’t ignore my call. Let’s be our brothers keeper. Donate your time, money, food, clothes, books  etc. into helping these kids. They are the future of tomorrow and Education is their right!

Every penny no matter how tiny goes a long way.

I don’t have money to give so i’ve given my time to teach the kids. You can do something too towards this project. You can teach just one day if you have a busy schedule  (contact me if you’re interested in teaching them and want to know how it works 07067105024)

Help train a child and prepare a better tomorrow for our society. 

Learn more about the organization at:
Awesome Treasures Foundation
9a Tinubu Road, (Coker Road ext),
Ilupeju, Lagos.

+234 809 514 3574 |  +234 909 393 6556

Thank you for reading!





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