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Happy National Youth day.

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We’ve definitely all heard this before, but there’s never too much ringing it in. 

This is from one of my favorite art houses “Rele” “With the work of your hands, the ideas in your head, do not ever believe that they are not enough, that you need to “wait your turn”, that you haven’t paid your dues.” “Do not rein in your gifts, do not shift and adjust to make space for other peoples limitations. Do not be burdned by their definitions. Youth is not a handicap, it is not a velvet rope. You serve no one- especially not yourself- by waiting to be granted access to your own dreams, ambitions.”

The time to rise, nourish and be nurtured is RIGHT NOW not later.

Samuel was young so was Rhoda, David etc. If there’s anywhere to take a cue from, it’s the bible! 

Have a lit weekend guys!

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