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Chic vs boyish? (Date)

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Heeeey guys! Been a minute? It took forever to figure how to put up this post and after much structuring I decided to just start typing and go with the flow cause I didn’t want this post to exceed today.

Unlike most people I don’t take dressing up for dates too seriously. I don’t do any prior planning. Once it’s time, I just throw on what’s most comfortable which in most cases never includes heels.(because sue me, but I’m not exactly a fan of heels) and oh! I always consider the fact that some places might have killer air conditioners so when I’m not all covered up, be sure that I have a jacket or scarf in my bag. 

I saved up some pictures for you guys from 2 different dates for my chic vs boyish looks. (Neither featured heels) Please show some love if you like.

 PS: I couldn’t take any full pictures of the chic look cause I’m not exactly a fan of public picture taking but I’m working on that.

I paired this lacy crop top with an Aztec print body con skirt and a basic pair of flat covered shoes for the chic look

I’ve picked up a few things from dates in our Lagos which may apply to other places I wouldn’t know.

  1. Never under estimate the power of traffic even on a weekend cause you don’t want to keep the other person(s) waiting for you.
  2. Dress as comfy as possible. If you’re not a pro at sucking belle (tucking in your stomach) like some of us don’t wear too clingy clothes and if you do? Don’t over eat.
  3. Make sure there’s gist cause some of these restaurants take forever to come through with your order and you don’t want to just sit there in awkward silence.
  4. Use cutleries you’re familiar with. There’s no harm in using your spoon or just your fork when every other person is using their forks and knives. (It’s worse when you try to blend and it goes wrong)

Boyyish look??

Dress: Mauratius souvenir .  

Atmosphere Sneakers x Ukrainian souvenir Polo hat. 

Gussaci hand bag by @babcockshopper

face beat; Mac foundation NW48, Milani minerals compact powder(deep 110), the Colossal mascara(black), Beyond beauty liquid lip stain (42), LA girl liquid and stick liner and pink sleek blush.

Hat or nah??

more tips….

  1. Even if you aren’t the one picking the bills, never go empty handed always carry “vex money” (emergency money)
  2. It’s advisable to go through the restaurants online menu before hand if they have any (to get estimates) to avoid any surprises

    Thank you for reading guys! Have a great week.






    4 Responses
    • Nita
      August 15, 2016

      I didn’t know you had a blog. Love it! Love the realness too. Keep up the good work.

      PS: invest in fancy flats to make up for heels. And sometimes our feet need a good lift no matter how little. So even a two inch lift will be great from time to time. 😉

      • kuyetasham
        August 15, 2016

        Thank you Nita! This is so encouraging. And i’ll try to wear heels more often. Please keep reading?

    • Blackie
      August 15, 2016

      Errrm I cant see any recognizable photo tho… *Straight Face*
      Good read tho.

    • kuyetasham
      August 15, 2016

      Lol. Blackie. What do you mean “recognizable photos”?? And thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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