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Aunty Ireti

Aunty Ireti was one of the older volunteer teachers at the Awesome Treasure 2016 Summer camp and aunty Ireti taught me alot of things. Very humble and proactive and constantly sourcing for ways to make the kids as comfortable as possible. Today aunty Ireti would bring several crates of eggs for the kids, tomorrow it’s noodles some days we were getting donation of rice which she got people to do. Things were constantly coming in and somehow we never ran out of supplies for the whole month. We lived on donations from beautiful hearted people around. God bless us all so much.

Summer Camp rounded up yesterday and we were all sad to say goodbyes but goodbyes are inevitable. It was more sad that aunty Ireti couldn’t be around for the closing ceremony because she had to travel that morning but I was privileged to ride home with her the day before after camp and as usual, she spoke words of wisdom and Faith.

So aunty Ireti asked me what I thought about the children’s general perfomances in general seeing as camp had come to an end. I expressed my sadness about their performances in their tests and aunty Ireti told me to not be downcast because the change in their attitude is the most important and a degree without a good attitude or passion is nothing. She tried to explain that passion is the most importrant thing in everything that we do referencing to Olajumoke the bread seller she believes that as much as people think that Jumoke was in that situation by mere chance, it wasn’t and for people that say ‘oh God just loves her’ doesn’t God like all the other bread sellers? and so aunty Ireti talks about PASSION.


She has so much Faith in the children that as long as they get all the grounding they need morally, education will follow and so we should be happy that God used us to touch lives and give to our society and the future of tomorrow. Because brains without the right attitude, is useless and so she’s just glad the children now know to behave better.

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