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Since the summer is over, I figured I needed to rewrite my goal list for the last quarter of the year. Read my summer list here. Some of the goals are reoccuring of course cause determination.
For self building,  I’m building my vocab. So top on my list is to learn a new word everyday or atleast, revisit words I’ve abandoned. In that light, I’ll be sharing my word of the day with us everyday and sometimes giving us sentence examples on how to use these words.

Join my challenge!

The week was rainy so I was indoor for 95% of it hence the silence on the blog this week but hey, school’s about to begin for me I hope ya’ll are ready for my rants and random mussings.

Who else had vocab on their goal list? 

Will you join me study the words everyday? 

Please share some of your goals that might be helpful let’s be goal buddies!

How did your week go guys?



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  • arojay
    September 10, 2016


    • kuyetasham
      September 10, 2016

      Thank you Jerry

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