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For the love of art: Sélensé- A review

kuyetasham selense

This day was supposed to be a trip to the hospital cause I’ve been down with a fever since yesterday but hey it’s a holiday and the road will be free so why not Sélénse the exhibition by Ibeananaba? So I went! And was it worth it? kuyetasham selense 2

In case you were wondering though I did some post ups on my snapchat @kuyetasham

kuyetasham selense 3

See what I mean?

I’ve ways known I want a sitting room full of art, this pumped more inspiration! 

kuyetasham selense 4

kuyetasham selense 5

Hey all these pieces got me like!  How can 1 person be this talented? And for a split second I’m like I should have stuck to my drawing habit as a child this would have been my exhibition. Lol. But for real. If I took it seriously it would have been something. I guess.

kuyetasham selense 6

This next piece is my absolute best. Because I think it was the most mysterious.

kuyetasham selense 7

kuyetasham selense 8

However I think Rele could have done better by putting up side descriptions to the pieces instead all they had was just the name and price of each. First timers wouldn’t have gotten the full package.

Did you attend Sélensé? 

What was your favorite piece?  Let me know in the comment box.

Do you paint or do any form of art?  Please let me know, you may be my new best friend!

And hey if you have some art skills, please don’t throw it like me. It’s a great gift!

How did your Sallah go?? Hope your neighbors sent you meat?  Mine didn’t even though they had a party but my dog got lots of the left overs so that should count for som’ right? Lol.


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2 Responses
  • Bennymakachi
    September 14, 2016

    These paintings are beautiful!!! Reminds me of Thought pyramid Abuja. You are not alone on the sallah meat issue or lack of it. Same here. Lovely read.

    • kuyetasham
      September 14, 2016

      I’ve never seen the Abuja Pyramids but it sounds interesting so it’s definitely going on my bucket list.

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