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My Blog Journey


Hey, guys!

So I know I owe every single reader of mine an apology mainly because of my lack of content lately.

I promise, except for the fact that I’ve been genuinely lazy. There has also been the fact that I was sick for the better part of the week. These few days away I’ve had time to do a lot of thinking, reading and talking with great minds and it’s been refreshing so far.

Hey, I know my blog isn’t the most interesting. I know it gets utterly boring so often so I apologise that you find it boring.

I remember one time I blogged about how I’ve gotten very discouraging comments on here and honestly last week, they skyrocketed. As much as these comments are hurting, most of them are true and since I’m looking to grow I think and act on them after my sadness passes. But I love that the comments come through because it only means, I have readers!

What I’ve been up to?

Learning: Ways to blog better. Getting tips from other bloggers I’ve seen and like. Do’s and donts of blogging.

Taking: Lola’s FLAT LAY course. Lola taught me how to tell visual stories, capture the perfect photos including several editing apps that there are to enhance your photos. So for readers who have complained about my pictures, let’s give it time for me to learn all I got from Lola. e.g This picture obviously tells you a beach story.

Also taking time off my CassieDaves obsession.

Signing up: For the Darren ProBlogger. It’s a platform that helps start-up bloggers, giving you tips and everything else there is to help you with your blog journey. It comes with over a dozen post suggestions, how awesome right?

Subscribing; To other blogs and pages in my niche.

Shopping from: The new thrift store @oddsandcool I wake up every morning and it’s the first page I go to just so I don’t miss anything. You should check it out.

Talking about a niche, I think it’s important I put it out there that I’m not a fashion/style blogger. I drop style posts here and there but it’s not solely my niche it doesn’t even make up 30% of why this blog is up and running. Because I honestly will fail as a style blogger. Style blogging is not for everyone. I blog as the wind blows. No limitations no specifications what so ever. I don’t know what I should be called then, a freelance blogger?

Reading: Satan and Shaitans by Obinna Udenwe. (I’ll put up a review soon)

Are you a start-up blogger?

Has the journey been tough for you too?

Are you having difficulties with any other thing asides blogging? Let’s talk! You may find help here.

PS: I suspended the “vocab” challenge. but feel free to request for it if you want it back. It might be back by popular demand.

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5 Responses
  • Jenom Kassim
    September 20, 2016

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but this feels really exciting. Like you are about to take us on a really adventurous journey. *fastens seat belt* . Promise us we’ll enjoy the ride? 😀
    PS: I also got tired of the 30 days vocabulary thingy, I barely remember any of it ……. I think I prefer the squats challenge #okbye. Nice write up btw.

    • Kuyetasham
      September 20, 2016

      Lol. That makes two of us on the vocab challenge. I can’t promise you’ll enjoy the ride but I can promise i’ll put in as much effort as I can. i’ll give a feed back soon about the squats challenge

  • Imaobong
    September 22, 2016

    Stopping by for the first time and I can say I really like your blog
    I totally get you , cos it sure is easy to get lazy, and I haven’t even been blogging for up to two months yet! Lol. Discipline is just it.
    I’d be popping in often, keep it up!

    • Kuyetasham
      September 22, 2016

      Thank you so much Imaobong. It feels so good hearing from other people in the struggle. Reminds me I’m not alone and keeps me going. I’ll definitely visit your blog. Please stick around! Thanks.

    • Kuyetasham
      September 22, 2016

      Hi, Imaobong. Thanks for stopping by. It feels so good to hear from people like you. Reminds me i’m not alone and gives me motivation to do more. I hope to see more of you and i’ll definitely check out your blog!

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