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I found a new blogger today, (more like she found me) and i’m love struck.

Motivational bloggers are my absolute best after travel bloggers so imagine my joy when I saw Imaobong’s comment on one of my posts. Anyho, I visited Imaobong’s blog and the first post I read lifted my spirit and with the mood i’ve been in all day, I needed that spirit lifting. So thank you Imaobong of for adding some spice to my mood today!

I’m sharing some tips from the post on TWENTY Ridiculously Easy Ways To Get And Stay Motivated that work for me. Even though I don’t exactly agree that they are RIDICULOUSLY EASY, I hope they work for you too.

1. Don’t start today. (If it is not mandatory you do.)
Don’t start this, don’t start anything, till you’re ready to attempt to give it your best, even if you don’t think you’d be ready.
Because to give your best at something, you have to get your entire self to decide you’re willing and ready to begin.
This article and your time would be a waste if you don’t choose to challenge yourself before facing the challenge.
Are you ready for this?


2.”Approach the starting line like you know this is what you came for.
Let your body get the message that something big is about to go down and you’d see it come alive sooner than later.
Success needs you to come after it.
It’ll make no mistake in choosing it’s victims.
If you don’t act like you want this, you won’t be this.
So get up. Get out of your bed. Sit up straight.
Get your rough book out. Get the files open.
Now go.”

3. “Write them down. It’s amazing how few people take out the time to pen things down. Your goals, your plans, your To-do activities, put it down on a paper or on your Notepad app — it helps! And fresh perspectives naturally come through this.
Break them into processes and stages and as clearly as possible. It gives you somewhere to start from and it stops looking as scary as before.”

4. “Start from the smallest. Like really small.
You want to start working out but you don’t have the time? Jog around your room five minutes for the first week and I can assure you from the next you’d find that time to extend to ten.
Wanna start a project? Get the basic materials together and down.
Wanna ace that exam coming up? Today, just write out any question on different topics that you have.
Baby steps, like I love to call it. They do add up.”
5. “Announce it. To one more person. Or five.
It helps plenty when we have other people egging us on. Plus you’d have explaining to do when they ask how it’s going and you don’t have a positive answer and you won’t want that.

Don’t ever believe you can’t achieve what you need to without them, but when you do have other people with you, appreciate and take full advantage. Pick wisely though. Here’s why in number six:”

6. “Don’t announce it. To more than one person. Or five.
Yeah. I’d explain.
Some people don’t see any good easily. They’re the “NaySayers” and Pessimists and the ones who suck vibes. So unless they’re trusted friends of yours or they have been trustworthy in the past, keep your foals far from their ears for your own sake.”

7. “Give it some twist. Try some new approach. Study with other people. Go to a gym instead of exercising at home always. Write outside. Go for a walk to get inspiration. Write aspirations in your journal to go over as time goes by. Just try something new.”

8. “Reward yourself for each Milestone
It’s no piece of cake! It’s really not, no matter how minuscule it looks to you. So learn to celebrate yourself. This awakens the urge to want to do more.”

9. “Understand what works and doesn’t work for you.”

AMAZINGLY, like me, she also cannot read for mor than an hour straight. i have very low attention span but inn that short time I grasp alot. so its like 1 hour for the books 5 hours break then back to the books. dont try to read as long as you see others do, it may not work for you.
“So don’t burn yourself out faster than you should. Understand?”

10. Sleep. Yes, sleep.

“Sometimes, our heads need to rest for us to give our best. Our minds need some shutdown time. And it’ll give us plenty of good in return when we give it what it needs. So when nothing else works, it means you could use some sleep.” Not necessarily sleep, maybe rest.

11. “Read success stories. They can be so inspiring, because most of them went through plenty of what we go through. So you know there’s something way brighter ahead. They naturally ooze of hope. So get some motivation there.” Its just like when I hear other bloggers talk about the struggle to keep up, gets me so inspired.

12. “Listen to some good music
Good music is everything. It’s relaxing, it’s uplifting and it can brighten the worse of days.
It helps you think better too, research says.”

13. “Keep your environment neat and clutter-free.
It automatically helps you stay more organized, analyze and plan faster and it’s easier to work in generally.
So try to work in places that are as tidy and well-kept as possible.
It helps cut down on pressure.”

14. “Rub minds with like-minded people. They’re out there too. And they are such awesome support system. Don’t go through life solo,especially when you find someone in a similar boat as you. Never.”

15. “Expect difficulty

When you expect it, you don’t feel so bad or discouraged when everything isn’t going as smoothly as you would have liked. It’s normal, so it should be expected.”

16. “Expect failure. All that you try out won’t work.
Because failure is simply you advancing in life. Nothing more.
Only stagnant people who sit in comfort zones have no moment of shame. (Because they choose to live in it.) Remember that.”

17. “People are watching, whether you see it at first or not.
So disappoint those who think you’d fail and don’t let down the ones rooting for you.
I dare you to. For yourself.”

18. “Remember all there is at the other side — and the only thing that can stand in your way, is what you let. Remember why this is worth it in the first place. Remember why you started. Remember all of the benefits. Remember how much sweat has dropped from your pores.
Do not let them go to waste for nothing.”

19. “Look at where you were and how far you’ve come. This usually helps plenty.
Count your blessings darling, they weren’t here a year back.
And guess what? There is still so much more awaiting you ahead.
Too much.
Let’s go get them.”

20. “Stop reading and get to work!” Hasnt Riri said it all?


I dont know about you, but after reading this post, im here feeling like Superman. like I can take down the world.

Do you have any other tips that work for you?

Let us know in the comment section.



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2 Responses
  • Imaobong
    September 22, 2016

    Awwnn. I am literally grinning from ear to ear right now ☺
    Thank you so much!
    You’re so sweet, and I’m super glad I came across your blog today, I love it!
    I can’t wait to read more articles from you, and thank you for checking and sharing and giving your opinion on this article, it is so appreciated!

    • Kuyetasham
      September 22, 2016

      You’re very welcome.

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