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10+ 1 ways to spot a blogger. 

Every single blogger should be able to relate to At least half of these.

At some point, this blogging thing takes over your life and you make decisions always considering your blog first. Maybe not always, but more often than not

You’re a blogger when… You’re constantly looking for events to attend if not for anything but so you’ll have new blog content.

You’re a blogger…. You have a photographer friend or 2 that you’re constantly taking advantage of.

You’re a blogger…. Every nice environment is an opportunity for you to take new pictures.

You’re a blogger You’re constantly seeking to learn something new.

You’re a blogger….You’re more often than not in the habit of scribbling ideas here and there.

You’re a blogger…. You struggle with consistency

You’re a blogger… Time is never on your side.

You’re a blogger You make online friends very regularly.

You’re a blogger You read plenty. In the bid of trying to learn more for the blog.

You’re a blogger You have a camera. If you don’t, you want one.

You’re a blogger Your late nights are mostly courtesy blog work.

Have you read my September recap??  I’d like to know if you want to see more monthly recaps.

Are you a blogger? What do you think I missed out? I’d like to hear from you. 

What else have you noticed about bloggers? 

It’s almost weekend finally, who else thinks this week is unusually slow? 


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1 Response
  • Jenom Kassim
    October 6, 2016

    This week is sooooo long. It’s like there wasn’t even a public holiday on Monday :'(

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