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Review: The OmogeMuRa blogging masterclass- Deola Adebiyi

The bloggers master class held on Saturday, that’s 4 days ago. I was on twitter that day which I’ve hardly been on ever since I discovered Instagram. I stumbled on a retweet of the OmogeMuRa masterclass. It was my first time of hearing about the blog and so I didnt exactly jump at it. I Head on to the blog to see what it was about and I fell in love. So I decided I wanted to be schooled by Deola who runs the blog. 

I put the class in my wishlist/budget hoping for a miracle as I couldn’t afford it at the time. I was very positive something would happen before the first class. The next day, a friend hit me on instagram with the same post recommending it, I told her how i’d love to go but couldn’t afford it at the time and she said “ask Jessica” (Jessica is my big sister)  I ran to Jessica immediately but guess what ?  Jessica wasn’t interested in spending on a bloggers class. She looked at the content and said ” but Kuyet, these are things you can learn on the internet. Read more and you’ll be fine.” I knew there was no changing her mind so I left without pushing any further.

Prior to this, I had already hit the link on my twitter to sign up for the class but I hadn’t paid my fee yet to secure my spot. A few days later, I received a mail from Deola asking to know why I hadn’t paid to secure my spot. Her first question was “did you have any payment issues ? ” and I thought to myself, “like telling her I can’t afford it would solve anything.” But guess what, I took a leap of Faith and hit the reply button telling her I couldn’t afford it at the time but that she would hear from me if a miracle happens before the due time. And in a few minutes she replied asking if I would like a free seat. I’m like “whaaaaat” my face lit up. (with a bit of doubt) Because I know i’ve been going about this blogging thing all wrong. I hit reply again telling her I would love a free seat and just like that !  I got a free seat to the first OmogeMuRa blogging masterclass.

Class was for 11:00am, I arrived the venue at 11:50 (I’m not usually late) Lucky for me, they had decided to wait for late commers till 12:00 so I hadn’t missed anything 🙂

Deola was restless so we started 5 minutes before 12:00.

The class featured

  1. How to get started as a Blogger
  2. Content creation and promotion
  3. Tech for bloggers
  4. How to network and attend events
  5. 5 streams of income for a blogger
  6. How to pitch and work with brands

We learnt how to use social media effectively for blog promotion because it goes a long way and there’s more to it than just posting and dropping your link for people to click on.

Everyone in the room was looking to start a blog (I was the only blog owner asides our teacher of course)

She was a very patient teacher. And the class was worth more than the price.

My OmogeMura blogging masterclass look

We took a break for food, rest and chats and Deola even offered us more after the class !

Not to make this an unnecesarily lengthy read, I’ll be doing a part 2 of this post with a summary of each lesson from the class and what i’ll be doing better on my journey to blogging. 

Did you attend the OmogeMura bloggers masterclass ?  Tell me your experience.

Have you attended any other bloggers class ?  I’d love some tips.

How has your week been so far ? 

I hope you forgive me for the long break on the blog ?  Thank you!  We’re back ! 

Oh, I haven’t officially said “Happy New year” to my readers. I wish you a fruitful year ahead.

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