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Tips I picked up from the OmogeMuRa bloggers masterclass.

​Happy weekend guyssss!

I tried to sum up all the lessons from the OmogeMuRa masterclass and I do hope that a fellow blogger or someone looking to get into the blogging business finds these as helpful as I did.

Let’s dig in.

How to get started as a blogger: Questions to answer to get you started.

What do you want to blog about? What’s your motivation/ passion? Your motivation should be something that you don’t mind staying up all night to do till you attain a certain level of satisfaction.

How do you find out what you’re passionate about? Consider what you do in your spare time, what you enjoyed doing while growing up….blah blah. List goes on.

Next! When you’ve found out what drives you to blog, what you want to blog about…. You’ll want to read. Read wide. Read a lot. Read even out of your niche to expand your horizon.

For starters, you may want to do a bit of everything. A bit of fashion blogging, food, photography. Nothing too deep, just to find your base. While you’re at it, don’t get lost in it. Your sole purpose should be to find your passion and own it in a way that is unapologetically yours. In a way that no one else would because it’s yours. Once you find your niche, stick to it. Makes it easier for brands to find you and want to work with you. Also makes it easier for readers to stick to you.

Content creation: this is personally a big problem for me and a few other bloggers I’ve gotten talking with. Apart from the struggle to find what to write about, there’s also the struggle that comes with the motivation on how to write, again could be time. When blogging isn’t the only thing you do, which is the case for most bloggers it’s tough to create time to create content.

Tips Deola dropped: even if it’s 20 minutes of break time you have at the office. Take advantage of it and blog! When you’re at the table eating, an idea pops up? Scribble it and expand on it later.

Ask people. You could tweet asking people what they’d want you to talk about and you could pick up ideas from their suggestions.

Blog all the time! Of course not “all the time” literally but consistently. Say twice a week so people don’t forget about your space. I know I lack this which is the main reason why I attended this class. Not like I didn’t know before the class that consistency is key to this blogging business. Key to anything actually but procrastination is a b****

While you’re writing a post, use words that you think people would most likely use as search words. When you use search friendly words all through your post, gives your post an advantage over others that have something of that sort published.

Once you’re done, just before you put your post up, edit your url. Use search friendly urls.

When you’re writing a new post, if you mention something that you’ve blogged about before, be sure to link the old one. Link other bloggers in your posts as well, boosts you’re interaction in the blogsphere. Ask other bloggers to link you too from time to time.

Social media: unlike other social media users who just post with little or no intentions at all to reach a particular audience, as a blogger, you should be intentional about your posts on social media. Be specific and strategic.

Twitter: better to post Images on Twitter than links as people are more likely to pay attention to your images on twitter than to click on links because these links usually redirect them to another page and not everyone is interested in leaving their current page. So your best bet on twitter is to create a collage.

Facebook: links work better on Facebook as people there don’t mind being redirected to another page.
Find out your goals, and craft them around your social media.

Photography: if you do a lot of picture taking, you should invest in a lot of photo tools. You don’t have to break a bank to buy an expensive camera if you can’t afford one. But if you can, why not?

Disclaimer: my picture taking is terrible too I’m simply sharing tips from the class. I plan to take a queue too.

How to get invited to work with brands:

Write about brands, events. Review products you use or events that just took place. You may catch the attention of these brands and get contacted. Another way to catch their attention? When you review a brand? Email them links to the post and if possible stats showing them how well the post did.

WARNING: don’t blog about events when they are waaaay passed. Like don’t blog about the SLAY FESTIVAL in July/August. It took place in January, you’re somewhat stale. Everyone is over it!
There are lots and lots of other things I picked up from the OmogeMuRa masterclass that I couldn’t capture in this post.


OR BETTER STILL? ATTEND THE NEXT OmogeMuRa masterclass. The date hasn’t been communicated to us yet but I’ll definitely put it up here once it is.

What blogging tips do you have?

Have you tried any of these? Let me know how it worked out for you.

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Do your happy dance if you’re happy about the weekend….!


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