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Taking stock || January

Howdy reader, how has your week been so far? Mine has been stress free, thanks for asking.

More importantly, how did January treat you? I’ve missed you guys in the comment section! 🙁

It’s another one of the “Stock taking” series as usual. No long talks.

Reading: Bomboy- Yewande Omotoso. I got it from the Aké festival book store (read my Aké experience here) I’ve actually been carrying this book around since January but somehow I’ve been able to finish 2 others that I picked up after it but I haven’t been able to finish Bomboy. Honestly, I doubt i’d finish it. The story doesn’t engage me. Seeing as i’m not even close to a review expert, I lack the right words to describe it.I just don’t get the story!

bomboy front - Yewande Omotoso

bomboy back - Yewande Omotoso

Planning : My life in school, after school. Having more fun, trying to get more social. Making more friends. Etc.

Listening to: Falana music, Mad Over You and Wizkid. The Wizkid part is weird cause i’ve never been a fan but “Wizzy boy make me dance, daddy yo make me dance, star boy make me dance” Wizkid”s voice

Thinking: Way too much about way too many things. Thoughts clash in my head like the clash of the titans. (forgive my cheesy lines today) lol.
Most Importantly, THINKING ABOUT quitting the blog cause let’s be honest, we all knew this would happen sooner or later. But guess what? I plan to send out thank you messages and gifts to all my subscribers if or when I eventually do. I don’t have alot of subscribers anyway so I can totally afford that. But the website isn’t going to disappear, something bigger is coming to
Using: I haven’t dumped my Neutrogena black head eliminating daily scrub + baby face combo, from the last stock taking here and considering my consistency defect with most things, I’ve done well! Have I noticed any changes, nope! And the scrub is half way down o. Talk about a waste!


Feeling: All type of ways. With every new day comes different feelings.

Realizing: I’ve wasted this website.
Struggling: With the crappiest Internet reception I’ve ever had in school. It takes me 2-3 days on an average to put up a post. It’s that terrible.
Travelling: To Abuja and back to Lagos from my holiday and then school.
I didn’t give a round up of my holiday cause, there was hardly anything to write. All my plans went to ruins.

January wasn’t bad but February can do better.

How was January for you? 

Hope the new year has kicked up to a good start already? 

Love, light and sunshine my darlings.
Please don’t go without leaving a comment in the comment box, I’ll love to hear from you.

As always, Thank you for reading. 
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2 Responses
  • Jenom Kassim
    February 3, 2017

    But why quit the blog after taking the OmogeMura bloggers Masterclass? I was looking forward to posts this year though 🙁 especially the monthly stock taking.

    • kuyetasham
      February 9, 2017

      The class was more or less an eye opener. Made me realize this business may not be for me. You just might, I’m still thinking about it remember??

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