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Review: Naturals meet up  “Naturals On Campus” – Mercy Familusi.

Afro by nature, naturals on campus, naturalsoncampus, mercy familusi, kuyetasham

If you follow Mercy Familusi, you’d know there was so much noise about Naturals On Campus on her Instagram and other social media accounts. I knew I wanted to be there from the first time she mentioned it to us at her makeup class last year even before word got out. When it was time, I couldn’t afford it but thank God, money came for it in good time.
The class was initially scheduled for the last Sunday in January but it was moved to a later date, (which was more convenient for me) February, 5 2017. Time was 11am but I knew African time so I got there at 11:40am mainly because I had trouble with my dress and insisted on wearing that particular one and I wasn’t late! Event hadn’t started yet. The whole of Africa should do something about this African time phenomenon, it can be annoying!

kuyetasham at naturals on campus by mercy familusi,

I didn’t take note of the exact time the event started, because I was busy buying hair products which I had sworn not to buy but I saw a milky leave in hair conditioner by afro by nature’s stand and given my history with anything milk, I couldn’t resist. So I bought it along with some other products. All I know is that it was definitely minutes after 12 noon before the event started. I loved the host, she was alive and lit and definitely brought life to anyone in that room who came there “not alive.” After opening prayer, speech and blah, main stuff kicked in.

Skin/ beauty care session with Mercy herself and Jemima. Jemima was a muse and participant for one of the makeup artists at the makeup session last year but this time, she was giving us tips.

Chemical products vs natural products. kuyetasham, natural hair, Afro by nature, naturals on campus, naturalsoncampus, mercy familusi,

I wasn’t particularly into this one since I’m not all for skin care and all that skin beauty bants. I tried to pay attention for the sake of this post but looking at my notes, I realized I don’t understand anything I put down so, fast forward to the hair sessions……………………………. PLAY!
We got alot of hair tips from vlogger Linda Osuntade (@lindaosuntade)

Vloger, Linda Osuntade, kuyetasham, natural hair, Afro by nature, naturals on campus, naturalsoncampus, mercy familusi,

Maintaining your hair. (Don’t get it twisted, team Natural or not, this one is for you)

Have good hair products.
You’d agree that whether you’re grooming natural hair or not, if you don’t have good hair products, you’re in trouble. Make sure to watch out for natural ingredients while getting these hair products. Especially protein ingredients. Allow me educate you. Your hair is made up of Keratin. Keratin is a tough protein. HYDROLYDED protein is a very essential ingredient to look out for in products.

: Here’s why to trim your hair often. To avoid split ends, split ends are the part of the tip of your hair that go in 2 opposite directions like a zipper. It gets tangled causing your hair to break eventually and no one likes hair breakage. Also, the ends of your hair gets weak and the best way to revive it, is to cut it for it to be replaced by stronger, healthier hair.

Protective styling
: Typically, what would come to mind about protective styling would be crotchet extensions, braids, etc. but alternate protective styles could be, keeping away from styles that involve you combing your hair regularly. Avoid heat as much as you can, it damages your hair gradually, until the effect is finally visible.

. I had to capitalize that last one because it’s the most common especially with natural hair people, the whole world wants to touch your hair. They go “oh. Your hair is so nice, OMG! It’s so full, what did you use to get it like this? Is your hair natural? How long have you been growing it?….” Please slap their hands away if you must!

Hands off the hair

: GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND. Research about your hair. Find out your hair type and what works best for it. Ignorance will damage your hair. Want to do something with your hair and you’re not sure? Google is a click away, not every time trial and error.

EAT HEALTHY: When I heard this part, I went “what does food have anything to do with anyone’s hair?” Guess what? What you eat, grows out as your hair. Healthy eating= healthy hair.

Conditioning: Conditioning keeps your hair hydrated. It’s like how noodles break easily in their raw form but are more firm when put in water to cook. Now that’s your hair before it is conditioned and after. Ikr! You’re welcome.
Co wash: What’s co washing? It’s simply washing your hair with conditioner after washing with shampoo. Afro by nature also has a co washing shampoo.
Oiling: You know how we already said conditioning keeps your hair hydrated i.e moisturized? Oiling your hair after conditioning, traps that moisture inside the hair keeping your hair hydrated.


Essential oils: These types of oils stimulate hair growth. There’s pepper mint oil, tea tree oil and the likes.


Comb your hair while it’s damp. If it’s already dry, dampen it.

Stop doing tight hair styles, they’ll ruin your edges.

Even if you were born with great edges, if you don’t maintain them, they’ll get ruined.

Alternate styles to maintain your edges. Instead of the traditional edge control/ gel and brush method every time, you can spray water on your edges before you sleep and scarf your hair. Your edges will be on auto fleek by morning.

Stretch your hair often to prevent tangling which would cause breakage (not with hair straightener) but with twists, braids, threading…

Use satin or silk scarfs or pillow cases to sleep. This is because it doesn’t absorb the moisture in your hair and so your hair doesn’t tangle.

When you wash, instead of just putting all 10 fingers in and scrubbing, pull at the end of your hair with one hand, while you scrub your scalp with the other. (unless your hair is too short to pull) You don’t need to scrub the hair, it’s the scalp that needs the scrubbing. The water runs the products through your hair, that’s enough to keep the hair clean. This prevents the hair from breaking.


Bobby pins. To avoid the discomfort that comes with the super tight elastic hair bands, improvise with shoe laces, bra straps or kinky attachment.

Hair bands, kuyetasham


After you’ve done your research, know that not everything you read is true. What you can do however, is try as many products as you can to find out what works for you.

Ingredients to avoid when buying hair products: Silicon and Sulphate. There were several others but I could only pick up these 2.

Haaay! I forgot the last session, the fitness session by fitnaijafoodie. I wasn’t into that one either, as i’m of the opinion that she didn’t say anything new when it comes to this whole eat healthy and exercise business so let’s skip to the END

The event was altogether a hit as Expected. Mercy didn’t leave out goody bags that had my favorite so Yummy caramel popcorn. Big shout out to Mercy and the rest of the crew. However, they could be more punctual.

Naturals on campus goody bag

Where you at Naturals On campus? I’ll love to know what you thought about it.

What other pro hair care tips do you have? Please share them and help us grow healthy hair.


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4 Responses
  • Mercy
    February 9, 2017

    Awwww 💖💖💖 thank you so much for your review. We will definitely take note of your feedback while preparing for the next meet up. 🙌🏾

    • kuyetasham
      February 9, 2017

      My pleasure Mercy. Thank you for having me.

  • I-tee
    March 12, 2017

    I didn’t attend the event. Thanks for the review, though.
    Although this doesn’t exactly relate to this post, I watched a video on YouTube which I think would be interesting for others. Can’t get the link now, but the title is ‘The history of black hair will amaze you’. It was posted by Boyce Watkins.
    If you haven’t, please, do. I can bet you’ll appreciate natural hair even more.😃

    • kuyetasham
      March 14, 2017

      Thank you so much Itee! I’ll definitely find that video soonest. I hope to see more of you.

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