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Event review: NECLive5

Allow me first of all to say that the Nigerian Entertainment Conference is a great initiative, kudos to THE FOUNDER Ayeni Adekunle and the organisers. NECLive5 held at Landmark Events Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos, on Wednesday April 26, 2017. It’s a great platform for people in the entertainment industry in Nigeria or those looking to get into it, to grow and see certain things from perspectives they might have overlooked or never even considered. It’s also an avenue to network with already established people in the industry and grab opportunities. This year’s conference was themed “It’s time for Africa”
The event was packed with several discussions concerning the structure in the entertainment industry in Africa, what we aren’t doing that we need to start doing and what we are already doing that we need to be doing better.

This edition of NEC was the 5th edition, there were about 5 panel discussions featuring panelists like Ali Baba, Frank Donga, Basket Mouth, Iyanya, Frank Edoho, Adesua Etomi, Daddy Showkey, Ade Bantu, Tony Abraham, Patrick Doyle,  Woli Arole, John Ugbe, Chichi Nwoko, Fela Oke, Yinka Ijabiyi other people present were Kaffi, Olori Super girl, Teju baby face and Alex Okosi of MTV base. Our host for the day was Tee-A

The conference was filled with various strategy talks, too much info for me to put down, but there are a few I must share with you guys. Bantu says that we should embrace our language, be proud of our sounds and beats.

Chichi Nwoko says that comparing ourselves with the West is not fair because they started way ahead of us, but we should compare ourselves with what we used to be and what we are presently and work for our betterment. 

Frank Donga! That guys voice (when he’s not cracking jokes) is all shades of bass, hot enticing bass. I was love struck. He made total sense when he said that the most important structure that we need and are lacking in the entertainment industry is power (electricity) if the government will only give us steady power supply and security, we can handle the rest ourselves. He says that the pervasiveness of technology will drive the growth of Nigerian entertainment industry like never before.

Ali Baba says “There’s a thin like between being funny and being offensive.” He says that the new comedians have spoilt business for them “In our own time, we made so much money that we were scared to take it to banks, so we hid the money under bath tubs”

Woli Arole describes comedians as solution providers and not mere jesters.

Adebantu made it clear that the claim of Nigeria being the ‘giant of Africa’ is more about quantity than quality. Nigeria has a large population, but it does not necessarily project into the quality of her production which is why it is not consumed as it should be.

Daddy Shoki! This man made too much sense than I could contain, the whole room applauded him. He encouraged upcoming people to never let anyone make them think any less of themselves. He closed his session with his popular “Somebody call my name, Showkey” ‘If you see my mama ossana, tell am say o ossana, I dey for Lagos, I no get problem’ Showkey says he still holds his position as the ‘king of the streets.’ He’s not a graduate, but he learns from people as he interacts everyday. 

BASKET Mouth warned against people that don’t want to work to get to the top, people that want to be signed to one deal or the other automatically because they know someone, people who go into the industry for the fame and not for passion. Daddy Showkey asked a supposed “aspiring rapper” to rap for us, he fell our hand by not performing, the crowd was disappointed and shouted him down. Another person willing to seize the opportunity, ran up stage and rapped, even though we didn’t hear a word he rapped, we hailed him for the courage. The first guy was on the lips of everyone for the rest of the conference.

Some of us got free CDs of Iyanya’s SignatureEP right after the brief Masterclasses organized. There were 3 masterclasses, comedy, dance and acting. 

The conference ended at about 7pm. 

It was a wrap. 

Were you at the NECLive5? Who was your fav panelist? What was your favorite part of the conference? 

Even if you weren’t, what do you think about the initiative. Drop your comments and let’s discuss. 

Photos of the artistes are courtesy: HipTV

PS: It’s my birthday! Join me to thank God because he has been too Good to me. 

Enjoy the rest of your week.


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2 Responses
  • Ayo
    April 27, 2017

    Happy Birthday, more grace and wisdom.
    I think we getting somewhere with people taking initiative lately. #neclive2017 was a wonderful program from what I read here. Keep up the good work. Thank you

    • kuyetasham
      April 27, 2017

      Thank you so much Ayo. I believe, Nigeria will be better once our government paves way for us with the right structures.

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