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​2017 WRAP UP

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Happy new year guys!

How was 2017, lit? Not lit? Well whatever it was, hope you’re ready for 2018 because believe me I have a good feeling about this one and I’m so excited to meet 2018 and all its experiences.
I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m here trying to form small talks like I’ve been here all year right? I know I wasn’t good to the blog these past few months, and I’m here to change that. Did someone just say “that’s what you always say”? Well, while I agree that I always say “I’m back”, allow me to actually follow through this time.

Before I start off for the year, here are a few highlights of what life was about while I was not blogging.

May 2017

This was a few weeks after my final undergraduate exams, I went to a beauty studio to register to learn make up while I awaited official graduation/NYSC but I ended up being hired as the brand’s Social Media rep, (after I realised, this makeup business is really not my calling) don’t I serve a big God?

My boss and I

June 2017God showed up for me and my family and answered my mum’s prayers.

I bagged my first degree and my brother became a doctor!

August 2017

  • I started my brand ‘Kaya Girl’. Today the brand is 4 months 5 days and waxing strong!

Custom made Kaya Girl wears

  • Awesome Treasures Foundation summer camp. It was that time of the year again to spend time volunteering at Awesome Treasures Foundation. If you’re new here, you probably need a bit of intro about Awesome Treasures Foundation here) Even though I wasn’t fully involved this year because 9-5 life, the time I spent with them was awesome.

    The kids and I at Summer camp

November 2017

  • I was on a team of volunteers for a charity event “The Lagos project” who’s aim was to feed 100 people in different slums in Lagos.
  • I attended the yearly Ake arts and book festival in Abeokuta and all I can say is, I’ve had better Ake experiences.

    My 2017 Aké book stash

  • I obeyed the clarion call AKA NYSC. Started the compulsory one year Youth service in Nigeria, like it wasn’t bad enough that it was compulsory, I got posted to Adamawa. What is that? I was shook. Right after Ake I left off for Adamawa to report for the 3 weeks compulsory orientation camp.

    Obeying the clarion call AKA NYSC

December 2017

  • Let’s not even talk about how horrible camp was, good thing I never believed all the people that said “you’d enjoy camp, it’s not that bad, yen yen yen!” 

Yen yen yen!

Lies, all lies. Those 3 weeks were the longest 3 weeks of my life, it felt like time was literally crawling. Should we talk about the confused weather in that place? Extremely cold in the morning and bastardly hot at noon, haay God! Anyway, I’ll give you guys full camp gist another day.

While in camp, I applied to be relocated to Abuja but instead I got relocated to Niger. Is this life? At least Niger is barely 2 hours away from FCT, half bread they say is better than raw flour. We were given one week from the end of camp to report to our Place of Primary Assignment (mine being Niger) but I packed my khaki and came home because I missed home and I cannot come and go and kill myself because clarion call.

    • I finally crossed the Atican beach off my list of beaches to visit.

      At the Atican beach

    At the Atican beach

    January 2018

    It’s the fifth day of the year and I’m currently a day old in Niger state with a bad cold, a sore throat and a dry and cracked skin. And this is supposed to be my new home for the next 10 months. Jesus take the wheel.

    I plan to give ya’ll gist on this whole Niger state experience any title suggestions? Please drop them in the comment section. Also, do let me know which of the above highlight(s) you’d want more gist on and I’ll dedicate a whole post to it.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!
    Remember it’s your year of unusual STRENGTH to breakthrough in all ramifications.



    4 Responses
    • Twenty fifth Baam
      January 5, 2018

      😂😂😂😂😂 Niger state. Harmattan will finish you. Best of luck it’s only till November

      • kuyetasham
        January 5, 2018

        You’re even making it more scary than it already seems, is this life? 🙁

    • Dynma
      January 5, 2018

      Awesome! Let’s hope you actually follow through with this cool blog this year, lol. Sorry about your cold 🙁
      I’m interested in knowing about life as a corper in Niger state….hehehe!

      • kuyetasham
        January 5, 2018

        Thank you Dynma! I’ll definitely give you Niger corper updates. I hope you come back to read.

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