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My first day out in Niger + some NYSC bants

Let me just start by expressing how much I really hate the NYSC khaki, and I hate it more now knowing that I have to wear it atleast twice a week for the next 10 or something months. But that’s not why we’re here.

The cold in this place fam! It’ll legit make you lazy and poor because you don’t want to get up to work every morning. Anyway, after the scare of how I’ll be delayed and the struggle at the NYSC Secretariat and blah, I finally got out of bed. Ironing my khaki was the toughest part of that morning’s preparation.

I got to the Secretariat at exactly 9:20am, and if there has ever been a time when I’ve believed the saying that Northerners are very nice, yesterday was that time. (Or maybe God just chose to shine through me) They received me warmly and by 10:05 I was done registering as a now Niger corper and was asked to return on Tuesday for my letter to my Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) and guess what? They listened to my plea of not wanting to teach so guess who won’t be teaching for this service year?? Dreams do come through!

After my registration, I visited the Minna Police hospital and before I left, a nurse collapsed. This same nurse had been making jokes and treating patients when I got in so it was sort if like film trick especially when I heard the cause of her collapse, ulcer? Ulcer really causes people to faint? Who would have known! But these things happen right? 

Minna police hospital

On my way home, I bought Akara. This place is cheap, come and see 50 naira akara! My God has buttered my bread.

Sad part about this cheap life though is that it’s almost impossible to find where to buy phone recharge cards of more than 200 naira worth. I needed to buy 2000 naira worth for my internet subscription and 3 places after, I was still getting the same reaction you give a robbery suspect so I eventually settled for buying in bits till it added up to 2000 naira. Na like this I go dey dey? Thank God for mobile banking short codes.

I stopped by a small market on my way home and something that will never happen in Lagos happened. So this water seller (mai ruwa) had bought oil to grease his wheel barrow, he dropped the jar of oil on the floor while he emptied his wheel barrow in preparation to grease it’s wheels. A guy passed by and accidentally hit his jar of oil and it spilled, he sincerely apologised and the water seller let him go WITHOUT CAUSING A SCENE.(yes, I had to write it in caps) On seeing this I immediately thought to myself, if this was in Lagos, WO! You don buy market because that will be a chance for the water seller to comfortably extort the offender because he will pay even more than the oil’s worth. Like that wasn’t enough, on seeing what had transpired, the little boy that sold the oil ran to his boss to report the situation and his boss instructed him to replace the oil without an extra charge, my jaw dropped because in Lagos……

The little boy replacing the water sellers oil

Just before the market, I got a sneak peak of my supposed Place of Primary assignment, it’s the new Secretariat but I don’t know what department exactly till next Tuesday.

Supposed PPA

Thank you for stopping by today!

BTW, how am I doing with the blog so far? 

I’m looking to do a tour of a few places I’ve researched about, if you know someone that might be a tour buddy, please hook me up.

To a year of unusual STRENGTH to breakthrough in all ramifications.



4 Responses
  • Dynma
    January 6, 2018

    What an eventful day already!
    I do hope you like your PPA. All the best.

    • kuyetasham
      January 6, 2018

      I hope I like it too. Thank you!

    • Jenom Kassim
      January 7, 2018

      Aswear, eventful is an understatement. At this rate, I’m confident the blog will have very interesting posts

      • kuyetasham
        January 7, 2018

        I hope it does! Just today a long time resident of Minna (the city I am) said and I quote, “Minna is a very boring town” thank you for commenting!

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