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AMAB books, Minna Open Mic + My first night out in Niger

Let’s just pretend it was a night out, but in reality, it was actually just a late evening. In my defence, I had planned it to be a night out but turns out night life here is not the way to go so I had to retire home early. Now that we have that out of the way, here goes my first night out.

My big sister tagged me on an Instagram post telling me about the AMAB open mic. I was excited! In case you are wondering, a book store is my kind of place to hang out and to find a book store that sells my kind of books? I was grateful for the discovery and of course, finally some fresh air.

Since I managed to invite the one friend (Peace) I made on my trip to Niger along with another friend (Abigail) from high school who’s coincidentally serving in Niger too (she saw my post and reached out to say she was serving here too). Fast forward…. They accepted my invite because we’re all desperately itching for something to do. (Abigail on the other hand just wanted a chance to see me)

I got there at 4:30pm, the place looked set up with lots of plastic chairs, but then again it didn’t look like anything was happening worst of all, there was no ‘ Mic’. I tried to talk to one of the attendants to find out if show was really holding, it’s either she heard and ignored because she was more interested in the other person making enquires about a book he was interested in or I just wasnt audible enough. The only other person in the store looked super occupied and I wasn’t ready to be snubbed again. So I quietly dragged my friend Peace and we took our seats. 

2 minutes in and Peace already wanted to leave but I managed to keep her longer. Show started minutes past 5pm (refer back to the flyer). I went hungry so maybe let’s not take everything I say seriously from here on.

The host introduced herself and let us introduce ourselves too, then the first thing we did was say what one book we read in 2017 that stood out for us and why. My one book was Stay with me- Ayobami Adebayo, I was too uninterested to speak but luckily the host said it as her own one book in the end.

After that exercise was the Open Mic proper. 

You should know that I assumed there’ll be a bit of musical entertainment and not books all through but to my greatest disappointment (or not) the ‘mic’ was for stories and poetry. (only one person actually read a story)

Open mic performance ‘When the gods go crazy’

Open mic performance: ‘Therapy’- Abdul

Open mic performance- If Love (short story and the only story read)

Open mic performance I Stand In Love (ISIL)

I enjoyed most of the early performances until towards the end when the place became really noisy and distracting and my hunger grew. At this point I had lost patience and eventually told Abigail and Peace I was ready to leave. (Abigail came in gazillion hours late)

Late open mic performance

Late open mic performance- My sketch book

Late open mic performance- Benue blues (in respect to the Benue attacks)

A child’s open mic performance!

I managed to take a few terrible photos just to have something to show you guys.


Once we left, I managed to persuade Abigail and Peace into going with me to ‘Ostrich bakery’. It’s a popular ….. I really don’t know what that place is. I think it’s supposed to be an eatery but let’s just say Niger eats differently. If you see their ‘pizza’ chai. We managed to get ice cream (since that wasn’t made by them) and only I had faith enough in them to actually buy a doughnut to try and was I disappointed? YES! But mans was hungry so I ate it anyway.

Our final stop was Land mark bakery, a popular and maybe the biggest bakery yet on this side of town. The bread is a practical case of “don’t judge a book by the cover” the bread looked uninteresting and was hard as rock, I reluctantly bought it because better to try it and not like it than spend the rest of my time here wondering what it tastes like. (Also because of the foodie that I am) I didn’t eat it until this morning for Sunday breakfast and was I disappointed? NO!

A major challenge was getting a bike/keke at that time of the night. Turns out by 8pm, Niger starts to shut down and retire for the day. At this point I respected myself and got the next available means of transport and went home with mixed feelings. 

In other news, I officially resume work at my place of primary assignment in the Permanent Secretary’s Office, Head of Service- Niger state Secretariat. Wish me luck!
Wishing you all a successful week, thanks for stopping by. Let’s stay in touch till next week!

Ps: Something new is coming to the blog, you never hesperredit.

 I’m still itching to know how you think I’m doing with the blog so far.

Also still hoping on suggestions on places to tour in Niger(Minna) plus a tour buddy or guide.

To a year of unusual STRENGTH to breakthrough in all ramifications.



4 Responses
  • Dynma
    January 15, 2018

    Whoa!! So, no more night life then, lol!
    You’re doing a great job on the blog so far. Weldone!
    All the best with your PPA.

    • kuyetasham
      January 15, 2018

      No more night life o. Unless I’m ready to trek home, lol. Thank you so much. I hope you remain here. Have a great week!

  • Ifeoluwa Ariyo-Agbaje
    January 16, 2018

    Your writings are really engaging. I’m happy for the good job you are doing on this blog. Stay safe!

    • kuyetasham
      January 16, 2018

      Thank you so much Ife, I hope you stick around more.

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