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​Waking Maimuna Part 2

How can a child mother a child? 

A girl your age flaunts her breathe in the dazzling emotions of “boju boju ”

A backup singer placing her palms together, throwing her feet in the surronding echoes launched at”ten ten”


I wonder why tradition feeds you with this imprompt nostagalia, putting a quick strike to the memories of your adolesence.

What does it take you for?

A chore condoled with a steep bribe, we have heard that a woman’s wedding night is a treasure she’s nestling to be hatched on the beddings of desire


I wonder what a girl knows about being a wife.

I wonder what a 13 year old can utter at submission 

So I hear Alhaji musa is older than your father, the courtyards of his house filled with women to bear him children till he wrinkles

I wonder if he looks at you with eyes roaming with love for a wife or a child. All he does is break the small font here between your legs, unoticed and left open

I wonder how I can take off this reality left on your shoulder.

If you enjoyed this piece then you’ll probably enjoy ‘Waking Maimuna Part 1‘ even better. Do share your thoughts in the comment section




7 Responses
  • Emmanuel Ofeh
    June 28, 2018

    Unfortunately, Maimuna has not been taught the dictates and nitty-gritty of being a wife, she’s too young for that level of knowledge. Alhaji on his own part knows nothing about care in its definitely, all he knows is how to satisfy his selfish desires. These questions lies therein that, what values do these parents have/possess? Do they see their girl child as a means to make money(peanut)? Did Maimuna’s dad “acquire” her mum just like she has been acquired? What role does the society play in this? Does the constitution even regard human rights? If this was not done by her parents would it not be called child abuse or trafficking as the case may be?
    Oh Maimuna, how your innocence was taken away.

    • kuyetasham
      June 29, 2018

      Your comment makes me what to write a part 3. My heart us full! Thank you so much.

    • kuyetasham
      June 29, 2018

      Your comment makes me want to write part 3. My heart is full, thank you!

      • Emmanuel Ofeh
        July 13, 2018

        Lol.. Please do

        • kuyetasham
          July 20, 2018

          Lol. Let it not be a Nollywood thing, I think I’ll stop here.

          • Emmanuel Ofeh
            July 20, 2018

            You never know, it might just be a movie story after all. Lol.

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