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To all efficient and full time bloggers.

Exactly a month and 4 days today since my last blog post. It’s the longest break I’ve taken since I repented from not posting often.

Adventures in Abeokuta (Olumo Rock) 

Last weekend (Saturday) was my fourth time in Abeokuta, third time on the rock and arguably my best time there because,

​Readings and discussions with AYÒBÁMI ADEBAYO and ODAFE ATOGUN, authors of “Stay With Me” and “Taduno’s Song”

The event was organized by Ouida books and hosted by Pat Abah book store, held on Sunday May 14th,

Shoot: A dark in the light. Photographed by Obinna Obioma

“Before I went to obinna’s place for a Polaroid shoot he asked that I come with a black body suit.
After my Polaroids, we started shooting. It was an easy going shoot, smooth fast, and the pictures came out beautifully…. I love love the glow on my skin (coconut oil magic).
Black is truly beautiful”- Ruth Waziri

Event review: NECLive5

Allow me first of all to say that the Nigerian Entertainment Conference is a great initiative,

The Day To Come

A lot of us, have encounters everyday where we have to tell someone new our names and they find it difficult to pronounce but instead of try to get it right,

Call on Creatives.

It’s been too long since I dropped a post here. I didn’t forget the blog, I’m just terrible at managing this final year struggle along with the blog.

False Feminism.

​​So I hear these so called “feminists” scream about gender equality every other day, I watch them rise up like dough with too much yeast than needed when there’s a case of inequality.