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The Joy that comes with Baptism.

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As a young and care free child I always thought getting baptised meant automatically having one very powerfull spirit taking charge of your every move,


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Today for the first time I made Ewedu. And I made it without supervision, am proud of myself. Anyways i’ll like to let Other Ewedu lovers in on some usual Ewedu associated rules that can be broken and infact taste better when this rules are broken and a lot more stress free.

child bride,,,

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In the past weeks I wrote a piece of my opinions about this very delicate issue of Child marriage and i’ve seen a lot of other amazing write ups and I’ve come to give you a piece of other people’s work.

The Little one (still on the matter, #ChildNotBride)

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Please fill free to ask me any questions after reading this, and I hope you not only enjoy it but make some sense out of it aswell:)

Little one,

Child not Bride

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To begin, I must state that hurting a child in any way – physically, emotionally, psychologically –