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child bride,,,

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In the past weeks I wrote a piece of my opinions about this very delicate issue of Child marriage and i’ve seen a lot of other amazing write ups and I’ve come to give you a piece of other people’s work.

The Little one (still on the matter, #ChildNotBride)

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Please fill free to ask me any questions after reading this, and I hope you not only enjoy it but make some sense out of it aswell:)

Little one,

Child not Bride

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To begin, I must state that hurting a child in any way – physically, emotionally, psychologically –


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A little piece of the whole lot there is to let out *applauds!*

Senator Yerima and Constitutional Review – By Maryam Uwais July 22nd, 2013 by Japh

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Once again, Senator Yerima is in the news, claiming Islam as the basis for his argument that a girl automatically transforms into an adult of ‘full age’ once she is married,