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I #Poko you.

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Hey! So I’v decided to do something new very often, you’l notice this and my last post are not exactly aimed at inspiration as the “Url”

Mama Kuyet.

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Simi said,
“My mum has been a strong woman. So strong, she can literally carry the world on her shoulders.

My celebrity day!

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Once every year! Every individual gets “celebrity” attention.
It is not by choice that I am alive, I give God all the credit!

The difference is clear!

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I saw this and I had to talk about it!
Isaiah 5:20-21
“Woe unto them that call evil good,

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Do not Contemplate on starting again from point 0, like a ball you’l bounce back to a point higher than you were.

Just to inspire!

Not a lot of us have been through a lot, some of us have had it all rosy.  On the other hand a lot of us have been through just enough.

My Blog At Last!

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*deep sigh* so after my months of saying I would blog, I’m finally blogging. Welcome everyone:) first of all i’ll like you to know that I’m a JJC(novice) in the blog business,but i’ll scale through.