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The unexpected visitor- Mercy Harold

The unexpected visitor visited my loins early;
I remember that day like it’s a scroll of importance holding a message of something sweet but then that day holds memories that barks around with huge golping sobs;

Guest post: Tales of a Black woman- Mercy Harold

Remember I dropped a hint in my last post saying something new was coming to the blog? Here goes!

Mercy Harold is a 21 year old writer who strongly believes in the power of words.


Dear monthly visitor,

I expected a different knock at the doors of my womb, I looked out for nausea and dark areola’s,

AMAB books, Minna Open Mic + My first night out in Niger

Let’s just pretend it was a night out, but in reality, it was actually just a late evening. In my defence,

My first day out in Niger + some NYSC bants

Let me just start by expressing how much I really hate the NYSC khaki, and I hate it more now knowing that I have to wear it atleast twice a week for the next 10 or something months.

​2017 WRAP UP

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Happy new year guys!

How was 2017, lit? Not lit? Well whatever it was,

​BLOGGING: The Job that needs no certificate! 

Of course, you don’t need a certificate to become a blogger, and with the current ‘job scarcity’ problem in Nigeria that has proven almost impossible to solve,

Interview| With Mercy Familusi- Brand publicist 

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 1. Tell us more about what you do with brands.

I basically help them reach their target audience in an organic and natural way.

Why I Took A Break From Blogging and Why I Got BACK



Sometime last summer, I took a break from blogging for nearly 2 months and almost shut down and I talked about it here