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My Christmas wishlist.

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It’s a week to  Christmas! 🎄

My Christmas Wishlist - Kuyet'asham

I’m particularly excited because it’s my favorite holiday and I’m going to be spending it seeing people that I haven’t seen in a really long while!

Book review: The Smart Money Woman- Arese Ugwu X  #iamasmartmoneywoman challenge

The Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu is a 210 pages fiction book I bought from the Ake festival book store supplied by Roving heights books.

Taking stock|| November

Another one of my monthly stock taking because you asked.

November was pretty much useless. Okay scratch that.

My Ake festival experience ‘016

Ake this year was live!
Hi awesome reader. What’s up?

How have you been?

What’s been going on?

Choose your painter differently. 

Unlike all my other posts, I didn’t even plan this one. I just stumbled on this picture and it spoke to me and how I’ve been feeling lately especially since I know people who have chosen to be with terrible “painters”.

​Taking stock || October

Using: Neutrogena black head eliminating daily scrub. Which I think I’m reacting to as I’ve gotten even more black heads since I started using it and some weird ass rashes/pimples.

Crotchet style tip

Crotchet style

Crotchet style

To install the first look. i.e short and full

  1. Buy 2 packs of Lase style, 

Crotchet Extensions 

Crotchet extensions

Kechi is available in other lengths and colours for N3,200 per pack

Hi guys,

Thank you for the constant support.


Who else has trouble with black heads?
Before I continue, forgive me.

How are you and how has your week been so far?

Nanzing’s quotes

Have you missed Nanzing’s other inspirations? I’ve put them below.