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Crotchet style tip

Crotchet style

Crotchet style

To install the first look. i.e short and full

  1. Buy 2 packs of Lase style, 

Crotchet Extensions 

Crotchet extensions

Kechi is available in other lengths and colours for N3,200 per pack

Hi guys,

Thank you for the constant support.


Who else has trouble with black heads?
Before I continue, forgive me.

How are you and how has your week been so far?

Nanzing’s quotes

Have you missed Nanzing’s other inspirations? I’ve put them below.



New Arrivals: Babcock Shopper. 

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Long time no post.

The weekend is over. It was so short.
You may be wondering why I didn’t come on here to give you guys some juice on this whole Buhari bants,

I lost my uncle.

Uncle was what I called him. Not because he was my mother’s brother nor my father’s brother.

10+ 1 ways to spot a blogger. 

Every single blogger should be able to relate to At least half of these.

At some point, this blogging thing takes over your life and you make decisions always considering your blog first.

September Recap.  


It’s my first monthly stock taking and it was inspired by Cassie so I’m using her stock taking format.

A debased world. 

Hi guys. Been a minute??

From the bottom most part of my heart I apologize to you guys for the silence here.

Review: When Lemons Grow on Orange Trees

Spoiler alert!!

I did more of a mini summary than a review. Heads up for people that actually plan on reading the book.