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Summer goals

It’s still a new month, Happy New month guys! 2016 is flying. I hosted a giveaway courtesy @akefestival congratulations to our winners!

Flowers or luxury gifts?? 

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Please give me flowers any day!

I woke up feeling like a flower girl this morning.

Skater skirt x Vintage

Remember in my Cassie Daves blog planner post when I said i’ll start doing style postings? Well i’ve decided to start with a Sunday diary and we’ll see how it goes from here



Vintage shirt: @babcockshopper
Skater skirt: Big sister’s wardrobe
Shoes: Random store
Ankara bracelets: I made myself
Glasses: Courtesy eye defect
Hair: Casablanca

Mild face beat: MAC foundation- NW48
Tara brow pencil
Milani minerals Compact powder- deep 110
The Colossal mascara(black)
LA girl liquid and stick liner.

Aunty Ireti

Aunty Ireti was one of the older volunteer teachers at the Awesome Treasure 2016 Summer camp and aunty Ireti taught me alot of things.

A colonial buildings tour (in pictures)

Remember the LOST event I blogged about here? It was indeed an ultimate retro experience. I networked with amazing people and I was more particular about Chinyere,

Shoot: Casual vintage vs work style (Gomes photos)

This one is for the guys to rock to work and for hang outs.

We enjoyed working with these models!

Photos from the Gomes summer shoot (vintage)

Hey guys! I totally forgot I promised us pictures from the shoot last weekend with @Gomes Photos. I apologize. 

These first set was illustrating vintage casual style rocked by Cady

Styled by @kuyetasham

MUA: @beautybynubwa

Boots by the boo @namangblackie 

Lost: A journey into our African past. 

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For the love of oldies! If you know me well, you’d know I’m a sucker for old time music, movies and books!

Beauty is tricky 

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 I know the words I said were plenty

And they now seem empty 

So now I feel petty 

Chic vs boyish? (Date)

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Heeeey guys! Been a minute? It took forever to figure how to put up this post and after much structuring I decided to just start typing and go with the flow cause I didn’t want this post to exceed today.