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The Joy that comes with Baptism.

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As a young and care free child I always thought getting baptised meant automatically having one very powerfull spirit taking charge of your every move, leading you to what to do and not to do but as I grew I got to realise Baptism is fufilling what God has already established. Death and ressurection with him to share in his Last supper. I got baptised Today some few minutes to 6pm! Some people are wondering why so late but well, even if I decided to get baptised at 40 as long as that is when I have gotten to understand what the whole process signifies I do not think Age is a barrier, it has never been, will never be and infact should never be.

Infact this day I was so excited… Very excited! Verily excited. Again people wondered what is so exciting about getting baptised. Well, am excited to be buried with him(christ) through baptism and ressurected with him to live a new life. And that I have been united with him that I may no longer be a slave to sin. And for this cause like Jesus, Death no longer has Mastery over me. I died to sin and live for God in christ Jesus.

And you need to work towards completing the race and living a good life Worthy of emulation. Fight the Good fight, Finish the race and Win it! The Apostle Paul will forever be a man of wisdom. Bye! And thanx for the congrats!:D:D

I leave you all to Romans 6:1-14 Bye!


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  • theinexperiencedyouth
    August 11, 2013

    You’ve been baptised???? You left me 🙁 but I’m happy for you anyway :* As Baba Abu said, you are now a full member of the church!

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