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Nigeria at 53! (Do not contemplate celebrating her)

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Are we really independent?

1960- 2013 and still counting, many more returns of this day, but in a better shape.

Philosophers have said that “Followers get the kind of leader they deserve”. From our past and present situations,
do we now say that Nigerians aren’t deserving of good leaders??

A leader, that lacks Character is one who Prays everyday against the spirit of death in his society while binding and casting these spirit of death he forgets that the potholes he has refused to do anything about are the causatives for this re occurring accidents

A leader, that lacks Character is one who everyday passes by poor citizens of his community shaking his head in despair but yet uses over 2million within a short period on food for himself and his household leaving those individuals with nothing to eat. Sometimes I wonder, do they eat food made of Gold or what precious stones?

A leader, that lacks Character is one who hears of sicknesses everyday that cannot be cured because he has ignorantly refused to provide provisions for adequate health facilities but yet Travels to Spain, India, Uk and all round the world when he has a common headache. With a Private jet stacked with lots of Luxury and a whole group of traditional dancers at the airport to welcome him when he’s back from his trip.

Our leaders are the blood suckers of our society today. A government of “Chop I Chop”, “Shine Your eyes”, leading us to “Jaga jaga republic.”

Nigeria is INSANE, and by INSANE i mean doing the same things in the same way and expecting better results. This is the share insanity in this society.

Nigerians see themselves as christians, muslims. Yorubas, Igbos or Hausas before Nigerians…this is on the matter of togetherness. Tribalism and religion is getting in the way of the supposed unity. A prominent agent of this is the on going “Boko Haram.”

Our country Exports crude oil but still imports it at even higher prices

On the issue of christianity, Christianity is spreading wide but not taking root. That is the name is being recognized more than the actual practices.

A Professor once said if you scratch deep into an average Nigerian, Pagan blood flows.

Finally, I think CONVERTION is the answer if this nation must move higher. Simply a Change of heart of the leaders and the people at large.
Talking honest, being available, be helpful(your brothers keeper), and most importantly and inevitably purity. Purity in the sense of corruption, keep your minds clean, keep your hands clean, keep your dealings clean, live clean!
Keep the way clear, let nothing between.

The problem is not with religion but religious people. If only this religious people will live more by what their religions actually teach.

I believe we are getting to our promised land because “Hardship does not kill the individual but builds the individual”. So these might only be our TRIALS and TRIBULATIONS. I believe in JOY comes in the MORNING, our troubles surely can NEVER last till this lifetime fades.

So with Faith and Hope in our hearts, Happy 53 Mother land. May you live long and prosper:)

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  • theinexperiencedyouth
    October 1, 2013

    This writing has the ability to break into the hardest of Nigerian hearts. I love the tone that ends this beautiful work. There is hope!

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