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The focus for this week is on why we often feel discouraged about our spirituality which we have already read from the previous post that one cause of this could be that people try to pattern their lives according to others. Another reason for today is the way we view God.
   As human beings when we fall short of people’s expectations it is normal in most cases that even if they take us back in they do not with the whole of their heart and people expect us to be at our best behaviour at all times not going wrong be it whatever. Because of these we view God in the same way assuming that God does not accept us if we are not the most holy, if we do not do our very best. I know you’re thinking, “shouldn’t we do our very best to please God?”. Don’t get me wrong, of course we should be holy for he is holy, of course God wants to see us live right and do his will accordingly. However he doesn’t make it a condition for your acceptance. Now some of us are extremists in this area, we tend to now come to God in trembling and fear and guilt when we pray. It is normal for guilt to prick you when you go astray but God in his mercies is faithful and just to forgive you and accept you so why then be afraid???

    So today’s message; God accepts you the way you are. Even though you feel you haven’t reached a great point in prayer, you think you don’t speak in tongues, you don’t spend hours in prayers, you don’t fast, you don’t hear the spirit speak. If you continue going to God with tension and fear and trembling this greatness might never be attained. God is your father, relax, praise him, tell him what you want, lay down all your requests, and finally you do say thank you to your parents right? Say thank you because even before you asked he already gave.

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